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Man of the Wild

Victor Sauvage


After 20 years working in the bush, Victor returns home to be a father, a husband and a modern man… if he can.

Directed by

Alain Choquart (Saint Tropez, R.I.S Police Scientifique)

Patrick Grandperret


Dominique Guillo
Emmanuel Quatra
Jeff Ware
Jean-Luc Reichmann
Oriane Bonduel


Formidooble, Made in PM and AT Production

2010 / Original language: French / Color

After 20 years in the bush, caring for wild animals, Victor returns to France and takes a job managing a nature preserve, in hopes of getting closer to his kids and reconquering his ex-wife.
As the kids, aged 10 and 15, get used to their full-time dad, Victor must readjust to life in the Western world, with its supermarkets and traffic jams, as he deals with the challenges of his job: whether trying to bust a gibbons trafficking ring, dealing with a budget crisis, saving an endangered baby chimp’s life or finding out who is trying to poison the animals…
Life is never dull at the nature preserve!


Episode 2: Smoke and mirrors
While Laurent welcomes a group of teens to the reserve for an introductory nature course, Victor helps local police rescue illegally imported gibbons. The plot thickens when intercepted radio calls reveal the apes are being used to smuggle drugs. Victor must confront the ruthless drug traffickers, who will stop at nothing to recover their merchandise.

Episode 3: The Gorilla's Little Sister
Victor is getting it from all sides. He has to save a baby gorilla whose mother refuses to breastfeed, having been bottle-fed herself. At the same time, the bank is still putting pressure on the reserve for its financial situation. It has sent over a consultant who has no better idea than to transform the reserve into an amusement park. This is unthinkable for Victor, who doesn't want to put the animals' well-being at risk. Luckily he can count on the help of his colleague Florence, who has just returned from Africa. They plan to enter a contest and hope to win first prize to improve the reserve's finances.


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