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Campers in Paradise 5 - Stars at the Campground

Camping Paradis - Épisode 5 - 3 Étoiles au Camping

SERIES 1 x 90' in a series totalizing 5 episodes


Stop by the Paradise Camping Grounds, you'll have a lot of fun and a memorable stay!

Directed by

Philippe Proteau


Barbara Probst
GĂ©raldine Lapalus
Jennifer Lauret (Julie Lescaut, A Wonderful Family),
Laurent Ournac (Campers in Paradise 1, 2 and 3)
Patrick Guérineau
Princess Erika
Thierry Heckendorn


JLA Productions with the participation of TF1, RTL-TVI and TSR

2006 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

Tom and his crew have gathered to receive this year’s “Best Campground Award”. The ceremony is somewhat disrupted by the arrival of Ariane, in a packed moving truck.
Ready to settle down with Tom, she seems determined to organize every detail of their life together, sometimes even to the detriment of her boyfriend, who has a hard time finding his bearings. Following André’s advice, Tom will do what he can to adapt as well as possible to his new life.
He doesn’t, however, forget his daily mission: to ensure that all his clients are having pleasant vacations !

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