Magic Lilibug

La fée Coquillette

SERIES 78 x 7'

A magic ladybug grants the wishes of her animal friends… with a few disasters along the way!
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Based on the bestselling book (La FĂ©e Coquillette)

Directed by

Jean-Christophe Roger (Potatoes Dragons)


Les Armateurs, Maybe Movies, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

2010 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

Lilibug, the fairy, lives on a pink cloud over the jungle and has very special magic powers: she can grant any animal their wish, find solutions to their problems…
Being an inexperienced young fairy, Lilibug’s heart is in the right place but… her best intentions often have unexpected, even disastrous results!
Through their many adventures, Lilibug and her jungle friends – Norma the giraffe, Mike the Lion, Albert the Hippo, Parsifal the Russian bear… -look for ways to improve their lives. Even when the ladybug’s magic powers don’t do the trick, a little goodwill and a lot of communication go a long way.


Directed by
Jean-Christophe Roger
(Potatoes and Dragons)

Adapted from
the books La Fée Coquillette by Didier Lévy (Albert) and Benjamin Chaud (Pomelo) – Albin Michel Jeunesse

Les Armateurs (Brendan and the Secret of Kells – Annecy Audience Award 2009, Kirikou and the Wild Beasts, Tchoupi, Kirikou and the Sorceress, Belleville Rendez-Vous – nominated at the Academy Awards and BAFTA 2004, Princes & Princesses), Maybe Movies, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment with the participation of TF1



As a consequence of Albert’s bragging, Adrienne the young monkey dreams of breaking a new speed record by crossing the forest in less than half a second. Lilibug helps her understand that the best thing about sports is not breaking records but having fun, as she has always done.

Albert the hippo is worried: there is a ball tonight, which he’d like to attend but he doesn’t know how to dance. He feels too clumsy. Lilibug decides to teach him how to tango, which is the favorite dance of Norma the giraffe, who will be there tonight. After Mike and Gaston make fun of him, Albert is about to give up, but with the help of Lilibug’s encouragement, the hippo soon realizes that everyone has their own way of dancing, and all you have to do is let yourself go. And you can look great!

Gaston the donkey is frustrated because he can’t understand his comic books. He asks Lilibug the fairy to give him the ability to read. The fairy turns herself into a schoolteacher and starts out by teaching him the alphabet. But the lazy donkey barely makes any effort and wants to give up the moment he encounters the slightest difficulty. And yet, without even realizing it, Gaston has already memorized enough letters to know how to read and spell the name of his comic book’s bad guy.

Prosper the Koala casts doubt on the notion that Gaston is a real superhero. Depressed, the donkey turns to Lilibug with the wish of really becoming one. The fairy attempts to demonstrate that a superhero worthy of that title must start out by doing good deeds. The donkey soon finds himself in a situation that tests his heroism: having to retrieve Nina, who refuses to come down from a tree.

Gaston is the only animal who doesn’t have an idea for a present to give Adrienne the monkey for her birthday. The donkey asks Lilibug to help him come up with something but the fairy does her best to make him understand that a present has more meaning if the person who gives it is also the one who thought of it all by himself.

Prosper the koala is so hypochondriac that he’d actually like to live in a bubble. Lilibug the fairy makes his wish come true and the koala feels safe at last, until the bubble bursts. Lilibug then comes up with the idea of backing him up and encouraging him to believe that he truly is sick, in order to get a reaction out of him.

Norma the giraffe is incapable of saying “no” and ends up agreeing to do everyone else’s chores. She turns to Lilibug, who tries to remove the word “yes” from her mouth, but the giraffe soon realizes that it’s more satisfying to directly refuse doing the things one doesn’t want to do.

When Mike wants to put on a show, everyone runs away. Lilibug grants him a spotlight and permanent applause, but that ends up being tiresome after a while. The lion would so love to experience a more natural form of popularity that the fairy advises him to invite the others to a concert in which they can all participate.

Little Nina is sick of being a tomboy with her sister Adrienne and she dreams of becoming a fairy, a real one! Without much conviction, Lilibug agrees to teach her the basics but the young monkey soon becomes discouraged. There is nothing better than practice, so the fairy decides to let the youngster pinch her magic wand. But she will soon regret doing that…

Once she realizes that she drives all the jungle’s inhabitants crazy with her incessant chatter, Paulette the goose yearns to meet her sisters, the wild geese, as she is convinced that they will enjoy listening to her. Lilibug the fairy grants her wish, which is no small feat as Paulette doesn’t know how to fly. She then helps Paulette understand that unknown animals aren’t necessarily friendlier than the animals she sees every day.

Albert is depressed. If only he could stop himself from telling so many lies, Norma wouldn’t feel inferior to him and she might agree to marry him! Lilibug tries to help the hippo stop lying, but it’s not easy to shake the habit of telling fibs. Proving to him that lies can lead to catastrophes, turns out to be the only way for Albert to finally turn over a new leaf. But how long will that last?

Mike refuses to invite Adrienne to his party. The reason? Because she is not concerned enough with her appearance! Lilibug tries to instill a sense of style in the young monkey, but to no avail. Adrienne just doesn’t get the point of fashion, which depresses the fairy enough for her to start questioning it herself. But Adrienne soon seems to start taking to the notion and appears dresses in a wig and lamé dress. But has she really gotten it?

Parsifal feels rejected because after Mike refuses to keep on playing tennis with him, he feels he has no friends. After giving him a television and a goldfish, Lilibug offers to help him make real friends but when one is a clumsy bear, that’s easier said than done. The fairy figures out a way to make the best of the bear’s involuntary comedic talent, by encouraging him to wear a clown costume and perform for the other animals. Delighted, the others suddenly find Parsifal very endearing and start to seek out his company.


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