Action/Adventure / Drama

Stranded on a remote island after a storm destroyed their boat, a woman, her wounded husband and teen stepdaughter must find ways to survive
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Directed by

George Erschbamer (The New Adams Family)


Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills, 90210)
Andrea Roth (CSI, Rescue Me, Robocop)
Genevieve Buechner (Desperate Hours, The Final Cut, The 4400)


Nasser Group North

2009 / Original language: English / Color / Stereo - 5.1 / available in hd

What started as family camping trip turns into a nightmare when author Robert, his wife Teresa, a former swimming champion, and Robert’s troubled teenage daughter Christy, are shipwrecked on a remote island, in the middle of a treacherous river. Christy panics as her father is unconscious and wounded. So in order to survive, Teresa must summon all her strength to heal Robert’s injuries and keep the three of them alive for days, despite lack of food, the threat of a bear attack and the vanishing hope of being rescued.
Will all three of them survive this dangerous brush with wilderness and will their family bonds be strengthened by the experience?

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