Encounter with Danger

Encounter with Danger

Thriller / Cop/Investigation


A romantic getaway turns into a living nightmare
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Directed by

Neill Fearnley (The Boy Next Door, Highlander the Series, The Outer Limits, 21 Jump Street)


Shannen Doherty (Charmed, Beverly Hills 90210)
Mark Humphrey (Highlander the Raven, Cold Squad)


Insight Films Studios

2008 / Original language: English / Color / Stereo & 5.1 / available in hd

Lori, 30-something, is dating Jack, a high level accountant for an energy trading company. He takes her on a business trip to the Pacific Northwest, but when Jack never returns from a meeting, Lori’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare.
The hotel finds no record of Jack, and when she calls his company, they claim he does not work for them. Increasingly worried, Lori starts to fear for her own safety when she realizes she is being followed. After someone breaks into her room, she discovers a hidden file folder of Jack’s, revealing a huge accounting fraud in the company he works for. The pieces all fall into place, but can she use the documents as leverage to save Jack before it’s too late?


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