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Two Many Cooks

Les toqués

SERIES 7 x 90'

She's a Michelin-starred chef. He runs a fast-food stand. They hate each other but will have to team up...
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Directed by

Patrick Malakian


Edouard Montoute (Taxi)
Ingrid Chauvin (Two Many Cooks, White Hands, The Mole, Dolmen, Ladies of the Law)


Lady/Boys Films with the participation of TF1

2010 / Original language: French / Color / stereo / available in hd

In the sleepy, sun-drenched Riviera town of Cassis, Fanny, the Michelin-starred chef of the town's most prestigious restaurant, and Martin, the owner of the fast food stand across the street, instinctively hate each other.
After a bet between two millionaires, these two diametrically opposed professionals must team up and work together.
But their experience never prepared them for the challenges they’re about to face. Treasure hunters searching for gold, a cold-blooded real-estate businessman, an ex-wife with a child who could be Martin’s, false accusations… are just some of the problems our two chefs must add to their hectic workload!


Episode 1
In the sleepy, sun-drenched Riviera town of Cassis, trouble is brewing. Fanny, the Michelin-starred chef of the town's most prestigious restaurant, and Martin, the owner of the fast food stand across the street, instinctively hate each other. Tom and Jérémy, two brash millionaires, bet they can ruin Fanny's reputation and make Martin a celebrity chef. Ready to anything —including duplicity, belly dancing and even sabotage!, the two businessmen force Fanny to hire Martin and watch as the chefs' rivalry becomes open warfare.
Will the two millionaires win their bet?

Episode 2: The gold rush
Fanny and Martin now run a friend’s beachfront restaurant, together. When gold is found in the creek, crowds of treasure hunters fill Rose’s place and Fanny and Martin problems seem over. Until Martin's ex-wife, Agnes, shows up with the daughter he never knew he had. After compromising documents are planted in their restaurant, threatening Fanny and Martin with accusations that could sink the business, Agnes vanishes, leaving little Lou behind. Meanwhile, someone else is preparing a plan to bring down Fanny and Martin once and for all...

Episode 3: The Trojan horse
Shady businessman Mr. B. will stop at nothing to build a huge development on the beach of Rose's restaurant. Fanny and Martin promise the old lady that they'll save her place, and launch a David and Goliath battle against the powerful Mr. B., just as child services try to take Lou away from Martin. Two friends join forces with Fanny and Martin, setting in motion an intricate and dangerous plan to infiltrate Mr. B's home and steal info that will bring him down. But will they manage to pull it off, when nothing so far has gone as planned?

Episode 4: Hello Mars, it's me Venus
Fanny is happy: she and Martin open a cooking school and up turns her childhood sweetheart Simon, who she is still in love with. But when the expert responsible for deciding if the school qualifies for a subsidy they desperately need shows up a month early, it’s total panic! The training restaurant is still being built and they have to find students quick. Simon chooses that moment to ask Fanny to go with him to Argentina.

Episode 5: Cooking up love
Lou makes a terrible mistake that leads everyone to believe Fanny and Martin are planning to get married. The cooks hear about the rumor and want to dispel it immediately. Unfortunately, they realize that if they reveal the truth they risk losing their sponsor, and thus the cooking school. The end justifying the means, Fanny and Martin play the game and act like a perfect little couple, soon to be taking their vows.

Episode 6: A new start
Martin has left and Fanny has to find a new associate. Between a depressive Italian cook, a rigid obsessional star chef and the overbearing host of a cooking show, will she fish out the rare pearl? To top it all off, the training restaurant is officially opening at the end of the week with a group of interns bent on settling old scores. A wild week is in store!


"An enjoyable comedy."

"A real appetizing and charming comedy. Ingrid Chauvin is more elegant and amusing than ever. A tip of the hat to Edouard Montoute."

"Ingrid Chauvin confirms her comedic talent. An entertaining film with a well-turned screenplay."

"A light and amusing comedy, appreciated for its originality and gorgeous Mediterranean landscapes. Ingrid Chauvin is impeccable; Edouard Montoute portrays a highly likeable main character."

"A light and amusing comedy."


"A very enjoyable comedy."

"A tasty comedy."

"A flavorful and zesty comedy."


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