A woman receives mysterious notes accusing her husband of adultery. TRUTH or something far more sinister?
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Directed by

Allan Harmon


Jamie Luner (CSI, Melrose Place, Profiler)
Nels Lennarson (The L Word, The Pledge)
Steven Cree Molison (Flash Gordon, Supernatural)
Brendan Beiser (Stargate, The Immortal, The X-Files)


Insight Films

2008 / Original language: English / Color / Stereo+5.1 / available in hd

Sandra, a successful artist, lives with her husband, Matthew, in a beautiful suburban house in Arizona. One day, after Matthew closes a lucrative business deal, Sandra begins to receive mysterious notes claiming that he has been cheating on her.
Sandra can't help becoming suspicious and even hires a Private Investigator to follow Matthew. Her fears drive a wedge between them, but no evidence of infidelity surfaces.
The notes keep coming, however, and the P.I.'s investigation suggests the source is Matthew's partner, Bill, who refuses to sell the company even though a technical glitch threatens to drive them out of business.
Will Sandra find out in time that she's a pawn in a sinister game?

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