Love to Kill

Love to Kill


Frances Sweete is smart, sexy and she loves… to kill
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Directed by

Jason Bourque


Blanchard Ryan (Open Water)
Rick Ravanello (Smallville, Cold Case, 24, CSI: NY, Desperate Housewives)
Sonja Bennett (Godiva s, The Dead Zone, Cold Squad, Blade the series)
Kevin McNulty (4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Fantastic 4, Robson Arms)


Jack Nasser - Nasser Group North & Insight Film Studios

2008 / Original language: English / Color

Frances Sweete is an attractive young woman with a nasty propensity to murder her husbands - all lonely millionaires. From an intellectual art dealer to a vivacious country girl, Frances adapts to her prey and changes her appearance and personality like a chameleon. Once married, Frances quickly gets her men to list her as sole beneficiary of their estates. Then she strikes, arranging for deadly accidents to make her a widow once again…
Frances targets her latest prey, Nicholas Landon, a widower and a lawyer running for congress. But Teresa, Nicholas’s campaign manager, immediately suspects something is wrong. Slowly, Nicholas develops his own doubts and understands he must somehow outwit a deadly killer, his own wife, before he becomes her next victim…


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