Man & Wife, Cop & Crook

Hold up à l'italienne

Comedy / Cop/Investigation

How much do you really know about the one you love?

Directed by

Claude-Michel Rome (Woman Under Influence, Crossfire, Zodiac Murders 1, Murder in Mind, Ladies of the Law)


Astrid Veillon (St Tropez, Platform 1)
Bruno Wolkowitch
Claudia Cardinale
Jacques Perrin


Aubes Productions with the participation of TF1

2008 / Original language: French / Color / stereo / available in hd

Marion is a high-powered cop.
Luc, her husband, hates her taking risks, so she tells him she's a lawyer.
Luc is a gentleman thief.
His wife has been on his tail for three years so he tells her he's in real estate.
With two kids, they are each blissfully ignorant of each other's double life. Until one day, when a corrupt cop threatens to arrest them both (him for theft, her for complicity), unless they pull off the heist of the century and hand him the swag.
Of course, Marion and Luc can't let him get away with it...


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