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La vie est à nous

SERIES 24 x 52'
Comedy drama

Love, laughter and life for six friends in the heart of Paris

Directed by

Laura Muscardin


Camille de Pazzis
Charlie Nune
Christophe Degli Espositi
Guillaume Delorme
Nicolas Berger-Vachon
Thomas Séraphine


Adelaïde Productions

2008 / Original language: French / Color / stereo

The hopes and expectations, lives and loves of a group of young friends in Paris.
Seven years after they graduated from high school, six former close friends, Julien, Marion, Nicolas, Alex, Kelly and Mathieu, meet up again in Paris to celebrate Marion’s wedding.
But chaos happens when Julien runs off with the bride, his high school first love!
It’s like nothing has changed and the gang quickly reconnects and decides to move in together in a house in the heart of Paris.
Against the backdrop of a crucial period in their lives, Julien, Marion, Nicolas, Alex, Kelly and Mathieu have fun, fall in love and look forward to their future all together.


EPISODE 1 – The Age of Consent
Julien is back in Paris, where he hooks up with his first love, Marion, who's due to marry Jérôme the next Saturday. He meets Alex, a friend who's just been sacked for the zillionth time. Nicolas, his realtor buddy looks out for an apartment for him. They all end up in a house in a courtyard. Marion moves in, too. Roomies forever!

EPISODE 2 – A Fresh Start
After looking long and hard, Julien lands a job, unpaid during a trial period. No sooner is Alex hired as a dishwasher in a high-end restaurant than he is fired, but he succeeds in seducing the boss, Marianne. Nicolas needs a stack of money to pay his share of the house rent.

EPISODE 3 – Nicolas's Secret
Kelly, secretly in love with Marion, has moved into the house. She sees Nicolas with a large sum in cash. The roommates and their banker friend Mathieu investigate. Judith, their doctor friend and single mother, sees her son's father again. Garance falls down the stairs of her building and is hospitalized. Nicolas feels guilty about it. Garance checks herself out of the hospital and disappears. Mathieu falls in love with Natalia, a Russian woman he meets on Internet. Marion gets hit on by a future co-worker at the agency.

EPISODE 4 – The Tangled Web
Jérôme harasses Marion. Julien is torn between Solveig, a woman he met at work who tries to seduce him, and Marion, whom he obsesses about. Marianne and Alex feel that their age difference makes their relationship a no-go. Judith and Mathieu are increasingly close, but Natalia is due in Paris at the end of the week. Judith and Jean-Marc reconnect as he tries to rebuild bridges with his son.

EPISODE 5 – Crazy Life
Jérôme tries to kill himself and ends up in a coma. Feeling guilty, Marion goes to see him. Marion and Julien's affair draws to an end. After briefly separating,
Marianne and Alex get lost in lust. Natalia arrives in Paris. Panicking, Mathieu asks for advice from Kelly, who starts dating the young female lawyer she recommended to Marion.

EPISODE 6 – Secret Liaisons
At the agency, Kelly and Marion are in direct competition for a packaging project. A designer joins the firm to work on the company's bid. Marion's proposal is stolen. Everything points to the new guy, but Marion rejects the theory. Nicolas finds Garance. He wants to help her find an apartment. The housemates' comfort is upset by a faulty water heater. Nicolas does well to keep repair costs down. Alex convinces Marianne to meet his friends at a house dinner. Kelly and the lawyer split up.

EPISODE 7 – An Hour of Glory
A publisher is interested in Julien's idea for a tourist guidebook, but refuses to work with Nicolas. Julien backs down and falls out with his friend. Nicolas's father has disappeared from the institution. Garance helps look for him in Paris. Marianne talks of having kids, but Alex brushes it off. Tension rises. Jérôme has taken over the agency and proposes a salary cut to overcome cashflow problems. Marion leads the resistance and becomes the employees' spokesperson.

EPISODE 8 – This One's For You
Kelly meets Candice, a famous singer, to discuss the artwork for her new album. They start dating despite the problems raised by Candice's celebrity. Marion is hurt at being cut out of the loop by Kelly, and finds Peter and Jérôme willing listeners. Garance tries to attract Nicolas's attention by shoplifting in a department store. They end up sleeping together. Mathieu is homeless so he moves into the house for a few days.

EPISODE 9 – When Nothing Goes Right
Alex has vanished, leaving a trail of debts. The gang has to get together a large amount of money to pay the IRS or their assets will be seized. Nicolas tries to make a quick sale of an unfit apartment. Kelly sees her parents again when the come through Paris. Mathieu learns that Natalia lied to him. At the agency, Kelly and Marion are working for a client who's into astrology and feng shui, and who makes all-natural beauty creams. Marion finds a guy to move in.

EPISODE 10 – Tastes and Colors
At the agency, Jérôme totally sidelines Marion. Nicolas has a torrid affair with a very enterprising female client with something to hide... Mathieu wins promotion. His request for a post in Moscow is accepted, but he no longer wants to go since he found out Natalia lied to him. Théo, their new housemate, is a writer. He and Marion become close, but his meetings with his editor show that he is blocked.

EPISODE 11 – My Father
Nicolas's father dies and is incinerated at Père Lachaise cemetery. Nicolas reclaims the ashes and deals with his father's death in his own way. Mathieu meets Elena, Marianne's daughter, and asks her for a date. Marion and Théo's relationship is complicated by his inability to open up. What's his new novel really about? Garance and Kelly meet and are instantly attracted to each other. Claiming to have an essay to write on female homosexuality, Garance gets dangerously close to Kelly. At the agency, Marion and Kelly find themselves leading a project for the first time without Jérôme's supervision.

EPISODE 12 – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
Garance flirts even more outrageously with Kelly, who resists but is sorely tempted. Nicolas organizes his first "café-concert" with some friends. It bombs! Marion and Théo are getting on really well. Unfortunately, he's actually using Marion. Kelly realizes when she finds tapes of her friend confiding to him.

EPISODE 13 – Reunion
At the agency, the girls hire Peter to do some artwork. He takes advantage to profess his love to Marion. Kelly thwarts Théo, who constantly manipulates Marion. Elena and Mathieu are head over heels in love. They decide to announce their wedding to the gang and Marianne. Garance's persistence with Kelly finally wins out. Nicolas finds out and explodes, feeling used and betrayed.

EPISODE 14 – A Head Full of Doubts
A headhunter offers Kelly a job as Artistic Director of a major design agency in Tokyo. Dazed, she keeps the news secret from the gang, and Marion in particular. Elena decides to move in with Mathieu, who begins to feel slightly invaded. They eventually decide to move into the house with the others because a studio apartment is too small for Elena. Mathieu's second gig is also a flop, so he decided to give up music and focus on his real estate business. At the agency, Father Simon orders some hip artwork for his church in Normandy.

EPISODE 15 – Trust
Kelly gets back together with Candice and refuses to hide their relationship. Elena's pregnant, but doesn't tell anyone. Nicolas lets it slip to Mathieu. Elena decides to abort. Garance tries to scheme her way back into Nicolas's life, but he's determined not to let her use him again. Paranoia in the house: Elena lets a so-called movie location manager look round. Nicolas immediately assumes he's a burglar checking the place out.

EPISODE 16 – It Couldn't Last
At the agency, Jérôme hassles Marion. Kelly intervenes. Jérôme shoves her. She bangs her head and falls into a coma. Garance takes charge and Nicolas sees a totally new side to her. They make up. Mathieu has a hospital phobia and can't bear going to see Kelly. Elena tries to make him realize the gravity of the situation and overcome his fears for his friends and himself. Attracted to Marianne, Kelly's father tries to make contact.

EPISODE 17 – The Prodigal Friend
Alex returns, while Kelly is still in a coma. His friends' reaction is chilly. Even Marianne can't bring herself to trust him. Kelly wakes up but has memory gaps. Marion hands Jérôme her resignation and sets up her own agency with Kelly. Mathieu starts dating Chéri, a nurse. Garance makes her debut on radio.

EPISODE 18 – She's a Keeper
Kelly asks Mathieu, Alex and Nicolas if one of them would like to father her child. In the end, Pierre, an electrician, agrees. Alex tries to rebuild Marianne's trust in him, but his disappearance scarred her. Obsessed with having a child, Kelly doesn't notice Marion is in a bad way and slipping back into Jérôme's net.

EPISODE 19 – Thaïs
Nicolas discovers he has a sister, Thaïs, but he is unable to come to terms with his father's double life and rejects her. But Thaïs doesn't give up and makes friends with the other housemates. Sensing that Garance is not very understanding, Nicolas gets dangerously close to Chéri, who's bored with Mathieu. Kelly has to face the contradictions involved in her desire for a child. Alex can't stand living off Marianne.

EPISODE 20 – Betrayal
Nicolas feels guilty about sleeping with Mathieu's girlfriend, Chéri, tries to keep it a secret, but cracks and fesses up to Alex, who's just joined a real estate agency. Alex encourages Nico to tell Mathieu. Wracked with anxiety, Kelly decides to sleep with Pierre to get pregnant.

EPISODE 21 – False Start
Nicolas can't handle betraying Mathieu's friendship. He wants to move out and takes a job in the south of France handling Jérôme's property portfolio. He finds out that Jérôme is cozying up to Garance, claiming he'll make her a radio star. Jérôme forces Kelly and Ricky to find new offices...

EPISODE 22 – Merry Christmas
Christmas is coming. Kelly decides to marry Pierre and raise their child together, but doesn't see he's crazy in love with her. Nicolas finds out that Thaïs isn't his sister after all. Garance is torn between Nicolas, whom she still hasn't forgiven, and Jérôme, who pulls out all the stops to seduce her. Mathieu tries to win back Elena. Alex works like a madman and doesn't see that Marianne needs him.

EPISODE 23 – Judith Returns
Judith's back. At the same time, Mathieu is laid off by his bank. Judith asks Alex if she can move into the house. But Alex, whose relationship with Marianne is in bad shape, becomes strangely evasive. Kelly falls for a new client, Carole.

EPISODE 24 – Tenants No More
The gang has to move out of the house, but they're not all agreed on finding another. Kelly thinks it's time for her to stand on her own two feet. Garance tries to patch it up with Nicolas, while still seeing Jérôme, who finds consolation with her after Marion's departure. Mathieu starts taking drama lessons as a way of opening up to the world.

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