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Elite Squad - Season 1

Flics - Saison 1



A riveting crime series that takes us behind the scenes of the Elite Parisian crime squad
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Directed by

Nicolas Cuche (Second Chance, Elite Squad)


Catherine Marchal (MR 73, Elite Squad)
Frédéric Diefenthal (The Perfect Son-in-Law, Elite Squad, Taxi 1 to 4, Clara Sheller)
Yann Sundberg (Elite Squad, Lost Signs),


GMT Productions, Gentleman Film, Stromboli Pictures, RTBF

2008 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

"Elite Squad” is an uncompromising look at the hidden face of law enforcement through professionals caught up in a spiral of blood, violence and death.
A legendary address in the very heart of Paris. HQ of the top crime squads: Criminal Investigations Division, Vice Squad, Organized Crime Unit, and the Intelligence Division. At this prestigious address : our heroes:
Yach, forty-something, divorced, a cop who works by instinct and unorthodox work methods 6 - Constantine, his complete opposite and sometimes adversary, a widower, a cerebral type who’s reluctant to break the rules.
And above them is the « Big Chief », Lea, a young woman driven by power and ambition who must also deal with being a loyal wife and mother.


At Police HQ in Paris, Captain Yachvili heads the BRI (Search and Intervention Brigade) while his great rival, Captain Constantine, runs the Criminal Investigation Brigade, aka "La Crim". Clearly, something happened in the past that brought their careers together and made them hate each other ever since.
Two young interns arrive. Marie van Sant is assigned to the BRI and Anne Rossi to La Crim. Both units are on the trail of gangster boss Serge Oriou, whose gang has been attacking armed cash trucks.
At the same time, they investigate the death of Pascal, the driver of Police Chief LĂ©a Legrand. The investigation leads them to a prostitution ring organized by a nasty Albanian crook, Vlad.
Yachvili succeeds in arresting Oriou and the net closes in on Vlad.

After a tumultuous investigation, Constantine and Yachvili collar Vlad, but Constantine shoots Vlad dead and the arrest ends in carnage. The rivalry between the two cops is stronger than ever. Internal Affairs investigates the shootout between Vlad and the cops. Yachvili and Constantine are both in the hot seat. This time, LĂ©a Legrand can't cover her two best cops. To make matters even worse, one of Yachvili's men messes up on a routine operation, which results in Anne Rossi getting killed.

After Anne Rossi's death, it's war between Yachvili and Constantine, who blames the BRI's head for the death of his intern. Just then, Serge Oriou escapes from jail. The two cops work frantically and ruthlessly to re-arrest the gangster and find Anne's killer. The two investigations merge into one when Yachvili and Constantine learn that Barros, Anne's killer, is preparing a major heist with Oriou.

Oriou and Barros put their plans into operation. Despite their mutual hatred, Yachvili and Constantine work together to find them. The Internal Affairs investigation into the cops' unorthodox methods puts them both under massive pressure that only LĂ©a Legrand can relieve. She sees Yach and Constantine as her finest cops and best hopes of putting Oriou and Barros back behind bars.
For Yachvili, Constantine and Oriou, the bell has gone for the final round. It's time to settle scores and finally break with the burden of past events that involve all three of them.


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"French TV fiction is evolving. A great big kick into the landscape of French production. Modern and forceful heroes."

"A highly effective whirlwind of action and suspense."
France Dimanche

"Unexpected. A great achievement. The first two episodes call to mind 36, Quai des Orfèvres, which is no surprise as they were written by Olivier Marchal, the former cop turned filmmaker, director of... 36."
Télé 2 Semaines

"TF1 brings out the big guns. Modern cowboys immersed in a war of cops. A production akin to the realism of American series."
Le Journal du Dimanche

"A somber, thrilling and gut-wrenching series, flawlessly directed by Nicolas Cuche."

"Terribly realistic. A far-reaching thriller."

"An explosive thriller."
"Action, suspense and a rather realistic portrayal of cops’ daily grind, are the strong points of this daring miniseries. A great success, carried by an excellent cast, featuring an unexpected role for Diefenthal as a double of Serpico, the anti-establishment cop played by Pacino on the big screen."
Télé 7 Jours

"Punchy, dark, realistic. Open your eyes wide !"
Tv Grandes Chaînes

"A down and dirty cop show that jostles the rules of the genre. Terrific result. Elite Squad is some high-end stuff. Edgy and polished directing, very convincing performances, efficient and original score. TF1 has pulled out all the stops."
"Loosely akin to 36, a dark, well-paced and sharp series."
Télé Star

"Olivier Marchal’s brainchild is a hit: a truly powerful, coherent and ruthless cop series. The Shield and others had better watch out!"
TV Magazine

"A dense and strong series. A highly effective thriller."
Tv Guide

"A very well written screenplay, impeccably directed and performed. We look forward to the next installment."

"Original and realistic script, tense directing, excellent performances. At last, some fresh blood in the cop thriller genre..."
Le Parisien TV Hebdo

"You MUST see this new cop series. A well thought-out plot, very credible actors..., dramatic atmosphere, Calogero’s compelling musical score, all make us yearn for more!"
"A totally innovative police miniseries. A tense rhythm. At last a well put together plot, complex and endearing characters, straightforward realism and language. A clear connection to the film 36. An innovative and effective style."

"A hit miniseries. Diefenthal is excellent. Realistic and well put together."

"Elite Squad gets a lot of credit for portraying human cops… a rock-solid script and actors in top form, like the brilliant Frédéric Diefenthal, more believable than ever. Elite Squad is truly the TF1 we love."
"Flics’ punchy screenplay bears the “Marchal Touch”"


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