The Impossible Truth

L'Affaire Bruay-en-Artois

Cop/Investigation / Thriller

A magistrate violates the confidentiality of a police investigation to solve a murder. Inspired by a true story
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Directed by

Charlotte Brändström (The Impossible Truth, Descent into Hell, Alert in Paris!)


Bernard Le Coq (The Flower of Evil, A Wonderful Family)
Tcheky Karyo (Taking Lives, The Core, The Good Thief, The Patriot, Kiss of the Dragon, Joan of Arc, Nikita)


GMT Productions with the participation of TF1

2008 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

1972: in a small northern French city, a Miner’s teenage daughter is found dead in a wasteland. Murdered.
The prime suspect: a respected local Notary. After being held for lenghty questioning, he is charged and jailed by the examining judge.
Scandal! A notary in prison is unusual and the case attracts media spotlight, taking a political turn.
For the first time in legal history, the secrets of an ongoing police investigation are not respected by the examining magistrate, determined to leave no stone unturned to elucidate this murder.


La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival 2008: 2 Awards
- Best TV Movie Award
- Best Actor Award shared by Tcheky Karyo and Bernard Le Coq


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