Ladies of the Law

Femmes de Loi

SERIES 25 x 96' + 20 x 52'
Cop/Investigation / Action/Adventure

Two women, a cop and a deputy public prosecutor, team up to bring murderers to justice
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Directed by



Natacha Amal (Ladies of the Law, Deep Secrets)
Ingrid Chauvin (Two Many Cooks, White Hands, The Mole, Dolmen, Ladies of the Law)
Aylin Brandi (epis. 26 to 33)
Noémie Elbaz (epis. 34 etc.)


Alizes Films

2009 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

One is a hot-headed young cop, the other a deputy public prosecutor. Both are women. Two contrasting methods, two radically opposed outlooks on life, but two passionate commitments to law and order. Will their personalities and styles clash with or complement each other? Their first investigation puts their collaboration to the test: the murder of a gynaecologist... An original and exciting TV movie that dramatizes the workings of justice - from the police investigation to the final jury verdict!



Episode 1 & 2: THE GIRL IN THE AIR
Elisabeth Brochène, the public prosecutor, is put in charge of a major operation to dismantle a drug ring run by a young psychopath named Alex. For this case, she is assisted by a hotheaded but efficient young police lieutenant, Elena Cortes. In the course of a forceful raid, the members of the ring are arrested. But Elisabeth has no choice but to let Alex and his hostage get away. The next day, a woman's charred are found in the woods. Elisabeth and Elena, despite their stressful relationship, team up again. What was the victim really like? Is Alex the psycho mixed up in this crime?

Deputy public prosecutor Elisabeth Brochène and police lieutenant Elena Corès are sent to the Paris Flea Market: Alban Genteuil, an antiques dealer, has been found brutally slain in his shop. The prime suspect is Pierre Aubère, a former store employee with a police record in organized crime activities. But he quickly is proven innocent. Continuing their investigation, Elisabeth and Elena learn that Alban Genteuil and his best friend Bertrand Serraud were involved in an extensive art smuggling ring. A highly lucrative activity, now the exclusive preserve of the Syndicate. This is enough to pick up the Aubère trail again as his alibi suddenly begins to fall apart.

The ladies of the law investigate the death of Mr. Talmont, a star lawyer but also an autocratic husband and underhanded attorney. Who shot him in the neck with a .32? The girlfriend of one of Talmont's clients? His wife, whom he wouldn't allow to work? His mistress? Or one of his clients? The case is complex. Our ladies of the law are going to have trouble finding the killer and preventing an innocent man, Jacques Brunet, from spending the rest of his days in prison.

Laura and David have just spent the night together. Realizing it is late, Laura rushes home. The next morning, the cleaning woman finds David dead and his apartment been ransacked. It's the beginning of a long investigation for State Prosecutor Brochène and Lieutenant Cortès. The two women of the law attempt to learn more about the victim and question friends and family. Laura, the last to see David alive, may figure among the suspects. Their investigation leads Elisabeth Brochène and Elena Cortès to a club which holds speed dating encounters every week.

Professor Fresnel, a surgeon who specializes in kidney transplants, heads a team of interns and nurses. As he is about to consult his colleague and friend, Dr. Persan, after a difficult return from vacation, he is found lying in his own blood in his car, in the hospital parking lot. Lt. Cortès and the public prosecutor, Brochène, must establish if his murder is linked to the death threats the professor had been receiving regularly concerning his consciousness-raising campaigns for organ donations.

Two renowned astrologers debate on a television show: Constance de Berg, an attractive young woman of 37, and the enigmatic Erwan Caradec. The two clearly loathe one another. The host points out that their disputes have been feeding the gutter press for years. This is when Erwan comes out and says that he is writing a book that disproves all of Constance's predictions and the way she reads the stars. Scandalized, Constance storms out of the studio, threatening Erwan...

Mathilde Larieux is a beautiful 36-year-old woman who runs a small ethnic art museum outside of Paris. While examining a beautiful collection of Yoruba fetishes that her assistant and director of acquisitions, Anne Gregorini, has just received and seems very proud of, Mathilde unexpectedly questions Anne about the steps taken and documents obtained to verify the legality of the origin of the pieces. Anne reacts angrily. As she explains that she is unable to fully guarantee the accountability of this collection, Mathilde cuts her off and curtly reminds her of her duty regarding acquisitions and of the fact that she is categorically opposed to the purchase of any piece whose origin is questionable. Anne attempts to defend herself, to no avail…

To unmask the guilty, assistant district attorney Elisabeth Brochère and police lieutenant Marie Balaguère do not always share the same methods or reasoning. They sometimes even clash but, attempting to work in harmony, the two young women always end up unravelling the truth. In this episode, they lead an inquiry into the murder of a limousine driver, which seems to involve the wife of a powerful businessman.

A man is murdered in a city park. The only witness is a little 4-year-old girl, who claims to recognize Elisabeth Brochène as the perpetrator. Even though police lieutenants Theo, Perrin and the district attorney are all convinced that she is innocent, this accusation, which was at first treated as a child’s whim, gradually becomes substantiated by new elements: photos of the assistant DA in the appartment of the victim, a woman whose description matches hers, seen entering the victim’s home to dispose of evidence, and finally, a fingerprint matching Elisabeth’s on the shirt worn by the victim... How is all of this possible if Elisabeth is innocent?

Episode 11: STOWAWAY
A new investigation begins with the discovery of a completely dismembered corpse in the middle of a field. The victim is Black, in his twenties and has no identification whatsoever on him! When the investigators notice a plane starting its descent toward a nearby airport, they figure that they understand what must have happened: the man was a stowaway, ready for anything to leave his native country and reach Europe for a new chance in life. But when the landing gear of the plane from Africa unfolded, the unfortunate young man must have fallen from a height of several hundred feet and died! A similar case occurred one month earlier. If this is what happened, the case has to be handled by immigration.

The auctioneer Christian Pavois was murdered in the magnificent setting for the upcoming auction of rare 18th Century objects, over which he was getting ready to preside. Who killed this eminent specialist of Queen Marie-Antoinette, described as a kind and passionate man of great integrity? Everything points to a robbery that went sour. As lieutenant Jeanson follows leads pointing to a clever gang of art traffickers, Elisabeth Brochène takes a closer look into the victim’s private life. Behind the veneer of an ideal reconstituted family, the judge discovers that the auctioneer was about to disinherit his only daughter in favor of his step-daughter... This new investigation will lead Elisabeth Brochène and her deputy to the heart of a plot, in which the secret love affairs of Marie-Antoinette will turn out to be more useful to unmask the murderer than any forensic techniques.

D.A. Elisabeth Brochène and Lt. Emilie Jeanson are after a female serial killer at work in the secret world of swingers clubs. Initial inquiries in the field show that the victims all took part in very private, totally anonymous parties in high-end settings that were kept strictly secret by the organizers. Who organizes these parties? Who participates? And what is the killer's motive? The investigators have to piece the puzzle together to find the murderer's identity.

A frightening burglar in a rat mask robs a jewelry store. A few days later, a man is found dead in his home. D.A. Brochène soon identifies him as the "rat mask burglar". Was he the victim of a greedy accomplice, who wanted to keep all the gems, as Lt. Jeanson is inclined to believe? If so, the two women could close the case very quickly, but then they learn something knew. Besides precious stones, the burglar took a radioactive substance from the jeweler's safe. What was it doing there in the first place? There's no point asking the jeweler – he died of a heart attack during the burglary. Brochène and Jeanson have their work cut out, and the plot thickens when they discover that the crux of the case is a stolen gem, the Big Blue, which disappeared ten years ago.

A young inner-city student at a prestigious business school collapses during an oral exam. He has been poisoned. On the scene, Brochène and Jeanson learn that the student had benefited from the school's positive discrimination policy for young kids from rundown areas. Their investigation leads them to encounter opponents of the policy, who had run a particularly virulent campaign involving flyers and pamphlets. In fact, the victim had been violently attacked and beaten days before he died. Unfortunately, the case proves not to be so simple and the two investigators must understand the victim's true personality before they can grasp the killer's motive. Is the cat among the pigeons?

Brochène and Jeanson are called to the scene of a fatal crash: a car rammed into a tree, leaving one man dead. The problem is that he was found in the driver's seat, although his wounds suggest he was in the passenger seat. Is it an attempt to conceal a murder as an accident?

A gas explosion in a parking garage reveals the remains of a Roman necropolis containing dozens of skeletons. Archeologists converge on this fantastic discovery until one of them notices a skeleton off to one side. On its wrist is a magnificent watch.
The victim, who was killed by Roman swords, is swiftly identified by Brochène and Jeanson. He was Richard Leclerc, a famous archeologist. The problem is that he is already supposed to have died ten years ago, when his offices burned down. So, who is lying in his grave? It turns out to be Marion Bompard, another archeologist, who often worked for Leclerc on digs.
Brochène and Jeanson plunge into the world of archeology on the trail of a double murderer. Although the murders took place ten years ago, time is running short because in two days the statute of limitations will apply and no prosecution can be brought before a court. Was it Deschamps, the hard-up promoter whose plans for an apartment block on the necropolis Leclerc had strongly opposed, who killed the two architects? Or was it Audrey, Leclerc's then wife, who had found out he was cheating on her with Marion? Or maybe Florence, Marion's sister, who had taken advantage of Marion's prolonged absences to take control of her sister's son, and didn't want to give him back? Ten years later, Brochène and Jeanson must discover the truth.

Episode 18: THE WOLF'S HOUR
In a business park, a motorbike races toward a ramp, picking up speed until, suddenly, a black SUV stops in its path. The rider flies in the air and lands heavily. He is merely dazed but, as he gathers his wits, the SUV backs up over him. Brochène and Jeanson find themselves investigating the world of illegal bike races, videos of which appear on the web with jackass-like performances.

Episode 19: LIONHEART
Jeremy, an attractive young man, is killed by a lion inside Europe’s largest animal reserve. Given the location of the attack and the way in which the gates were open, Elisabeth Brochène and Emilie Jeanson have no doubts : this was a murder. They angle their investigation toward Gerard, the reserve’s manager, a gruff man whose daughter was having a secret affair with the victim. They also question Blanche, the reserve’s vet, who seems to prefer the company of animals to that of men…

Episode 20: THE LAST CARD
In a Parisian palace, the audience watches with baited breath as the ten best poker players in the world battle a tournament with stakes of ten million Euros. But the tournament takes a peculiar turn, when one of the contestants, 53 year-old William aka “Killer”, is thrown out a window. A crime that could only have been perpetrated by one of the participants in the tournament, which compels our ladies of the law to confront colorful personalities who are difficult to pin down, especially given that their “job” is lying… and anticipating the opponent’s next move.


Up to 10.1 million viewers on TF1 prime time.

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