A detective and mother finds herself torn between her job as a cop and her role as a mother when her son commits a brutal murder.
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Directed by

Keoni Waxman


Michelle Forbes (Prison Break, 24)
Steven Grayhm
Rachel Hayward
Philip Granger
Jerry Wasserman (FBI Negotiator, I, Robot, Smallville)


Nasser Entertainment Group Production

2006 / Original language: English / Color / stereo

New Jersey homicide detective Jamie McDowell (Michelle Forbes), 45, is a tough and smart cop who has raised Peter, her 23-year-old son alone since her husband, a cop too, was killed in the line of duty.
Despite being involved emotionally, Jamie investigates the violent murder of Kelly, 21, the wild and turbulent daughter of her neighbour and best friend, Susan.
Kelly's ex boyfriend, Rick, a violent guy with a heavy criminal record, is the ideal suspect but, in the course of a hectic investigation, Jamie is stunned to discover that the killer is none other than her son, who has been dating Kelly for a few weeks.
As a cop, she arrests him for the crime. But then, as a mother, a much harder task faces her: doing everything in her power to keep Peter off Death Row.

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