Marie Humbert : l'amour d'une mère


The true story of a mother's fight for her disabled son's right to die
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Directed by

Marc Angelo


Edouard Collin
Eric Franquelin
Florence Pernel (The Conquest, A Mother's Fight, A Case for a Woman)
Matyas Simon
Michael Alcaras


Alma Productions / TF1 / Les Productions Clebs / Fontana / RTL TVI

2006 / Original language: French / Color / stereo

2000: When 18-year old Vincent Humbert has a road accident which leaves him tetraplegic, almost blind, and unable to communicate except by moving his right thumb, his mother, Marie, devotes all her energy to her son, persuaded that time and the power of her love will save him.
But when it becomes clear that Vincent will never get better, he asks her mother to help him die. With the same courage and determination, Marie sets out to fulfill her son's wish.
A letter from Vincent to the French president requesting the right to die meets with sympathy but a refusal. The French media take up Vincent's case, generating massive sympathy.
Finally, defying the law, it is Marie Humbert herself who administers a lethal dose of barbituates to her son on 24th September 2003.
Marie, who gave Vincent life, now offers him death, in an ultimate gesture of love.


Best Fiction Prize
Luchon International Film Festival 2007


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