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Premier suspect

MINI SERIES 2 x 60 or 120'

A woman judge must fight to prove the innocence of her husband, accused of kidnapping his ex-wife

Directed by

Christian Bonnet


Bruno Madinier (Buddies, lovers... dramas, White Hands, The Avignon Prophecy, Dolmen)
Natacha Amal (Ladies of the Law, Deep Secrets)


Exilène Films / AT-Production / RTBF

2006 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

The alleged kidnapping of Sophie Archambault-Mercier is an ordeal for her parents, her son and friends. The guilty party must be found and her parents naturally accuse her ex-husband, who was the last to see her before she disappeared. Last witness, first suspect, Alain Mercier, a police lieutenant, suddenly finds himself on the wrong side of the law.
With his wife, Claire Sagamore, he must fight the wrong-minded suspicions, the hasty conjectures, the bungled investigation. Claire knows the workings of justice since she is an examining magistrate.
In the face of this judicial error that could destroy her family, she chooses to counter-attack. As a mother, a jurist, a woman. But the law is implacable and the force of the prosecution terrifying. Alone against all. Claire will even come to have doubts about Alain.
Will she allow a miscarriage of justice to destroy her life and that of her children?


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