Rainbow Warrior: The True Story of a Female Agent

Opération Rainbow Warrior


The true story of the French female secret agent who was caught up in the tragic Rainbow Warrior scandal

Directed by

Charlotte Brändström (The Impossible Truth, Descent into Hell, Alert in Paris!)


Aladin Reibel
Alexandra Vandernoot (Highlander, Winds of Passion, Deep Secrets, The Closet, The Dinner Game),
Yann Sundberg (Elite Squad, Lost Signs),


TAP - AT Production

2006 / Original language: French / Color / stereo

In 1985, French foreign intelligence agents sink the Rainbow Warrior, the flagship of the Greenpeace fleet, in the Auckland harbour, before it can lead a protest against French nuclear tests. A photographer drowns in the sinking of the vessel by two bombs.

Two special French agents, Captain Dominique Prieur and Commander Alain Mafart, who had been impersonating a married couple, are arrested and plead guilty to manslaughter. Both are sentenced to jail and then, exiled to a French Polynesian island.

This film is a retelling of that operation and the subsequent scandal as seen through the eyes of Prieur, the first female operative of the French National Defense's elite Action unit.

Throughout this tragedy, her life as a woman is torn between her loyalty to a cause and her devotion to the man she loves.


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