Too Far From Home

Loin de chez moi

TV MOVIE 1 x 90'


Directed by

Fréderic Forestier (Stars 80, Asterix at the Olympic Games)


Marine Delterme
Marc Lavoine (Crossing Line, French men)
Lucie Fagedet


Beaubourg Fiction / Beaubourg Audiovisuel and TF1

2021 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / available in hd

19-year-old Morgane puts her studies on hold and moves to Amsterdam to work as an Au Pair for a French family. Eager to stretch her wings and experience new things, the young girl throws herself into her new job taking care of two young children. But Morgane's parents are worried about their daughter's delicate health and the unforthcoming nature of her beguiling employers. The young girl is rattled by the uneasiness that reigns over the eerie house where the family lives, and soon discovers that their last Au Pair disappeared in strange circumstances. All alone in a foreign land and unable to speak the language, Morgane finds herself sinking into a trap. She'll have to fit together all the pieces of the puzzle fast, to save her own skin.

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