Special Honors, Welcome to the Adulthood

Mention Particulière : Bienvenue Dans L’âge Adulte

TV MOVIE 1 x 90' + 2 x 45'
Comedy drama



Directed by

Cyril Gelblat


Marie Dal Zotto
Hélène de Fougerolles (Balthazar, Elise’s Secret)
Bruno Salomone (Desperate Parents)
Maira Schmitt
Alexis Michalik
Anne Charrier (Just a Gigolo, The Crows, Crime Squad)


Caminando Productions / Endemolshine Fiction

2021 / Original language: French / Color

We follow Laura, our young heroine with Down's Syndrome, as she enters a new stage in her life three years after graduating from high school. We witness Laura's fierce but perilous determination to spread her wings and leave the family nest, launching into adulthood.

Laura will get her first taste of the professional radio world and the dream job she's been bent on clenching ever since she got her diploma. Laura will also get her first taste of love, as she reconnects with her childhood friend Virgile, who also has Down's Syndrome. The two youngsters' paths will crisscross and eventually come together.