Sam - Season 5

Sam - Saison 5

SERIES 8 x 52'' in a series totalizing 36 episodes



Directed by

Philippe Lefebvre

Mathilde Vallet


Natacha Lindinger (The Exes, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky)
Fred Testot (Sam, Houba! On the Trail of the Marsupilami, War of The Buttons, Woman under influence)
Thomas Jouannet (Clara Sheller)
Fanny Gilles
François Berléand (Call My Agent!, Transporter 1 to 3, Tell No One)



Delivery: Completed

2020 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / available in hd

Sam is finally enjoying the pleasures of coupledom with Antoine, the love of her life. Everything would be right in the world, if only... Sam's father hadn't suddenly popped back into her life, 47 years after he ran out on her. And now Sam is totally confused. The unexpected arrival of her newfound family has turned Sam inside out. Because not only does she now have a father, she also has siblings... who clearly don't lay high value on honesty. Sam learns, a bit too late, the real reason for her father's return. Her brother is sick. He needs a kidney transplant. Betrayed all over again, Sam starts questioning her relationship with men, wondering whether she can really trust them.
But Sam's troubles are far from over. Middle school woes and testy teens are still a big part of our feisty teacher's life. And this time, one of Sam's students is going to put her at odds with the police. The mishap could've been sorted out easily enough, if Sam could just hold herself back for once... but she can't!
Standing up alone to the judicial system, without Xavier there to cover for her, Sam will have to come to grips with her painful relationship with authority and face up to her responsibilities, to bring her life back into balance.
In the meantime, our favorite teacher isn't going to let down her other students. She will step in to bolster Rosa, a 15-year-old girl who falls victim to slut shaming. She'll do her best to help a hyper-sensitive student named Fernand garner the courage to speak up in public. When an urban legend spreads through the middle school, Sam unveils the rumor-monger: one of her 7th-grade students who's being bullied by older kids and wants to get revenge. Sam will make the parents of a student named Frida aware of their daughter's anorexia. She'll gain greater awareness of environmental concerns thanks to Cle?ment, a highly motivated 7th-grade student activist. Sam will also fight back against the growing wave of kid Youtubers, after realizing that one of her students is so active on social networks, she doesn't even have time to study



Free at last of family constraints, Sam enjoys happy times with a newly divorced Antoine, who has moved back to Franconville for good. But the fragile happiness Sam has finally managed to forge is short-lived. Her son Alex shows up at her door with a bad case of love blues. Then her father, who's been out of her life for 47 years, suddenly decides he needs to meet his grandson. At the middle school, a rebellious pupil has been giving Sam a hard time... and putting him back in his place will prove to be no easy task.


Sam wrangles with accusations leveled by her student Matthieu, who she accidentally knocked down with her car. When the police call her in for questioning, Sam fails to grasp the seriousness of the situation, her mind preoccupied by her father's unexpected return. All riled up, Sam rushes over to her father's house, totally unaware that she's going to be meeting her brother Olivier and her sister Sonia for the very first time.


Furious with her father and stunned to find out she has siblings, Sam flees her father's house and vows to never see her newfound family again. She's got other worries on her mind. Her meeting with Lieutenant Montel doesn't go as well as hoped. Sam plays it cool and detached, which irks the lieutenant, who seems determined to make her pay dearly for causing the accident.


Antoine steps in to try and get Sam's life back in order. Not only does he schedule an appointment with an attorney for Sam, he also asks her to marry him. But it only makes Sam mad: she hates it when anybody tries to force her hand. To make matters worse, Xavier is fretting about his future and Lieutenant Montel is questioning students at her school, which has her worried. With good reason. When Sam gets home, she comes face to face with a policeman who's there to arrest her.


Sam spends the night in a jail cell. Her case turns out to be serious. She is formally charged. Sam's personal life is getting incredibly complicated as well. She officially turns down Antoine's marriage proposal. Then she finds out the only reason her father came back was to make a desperate ploy to get her to donate one of her kidneys... to save her brother's life.


Sam is really down in the dumps now. After being betrayed by her new family, Antoine breaks up with her after she refuses to marry him. Alone and sad, Sam can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. What's more, her organ donation compatibility tests come back as a “match,” which means she's the only one that can save Olivier. But Sam still hasn't wrapped her head around the idea of giving her brother the ultimate gift.


Sam learns from Xavier that Antoine has decided to go back to New York. She falls into a deep depression and won't even answer her brother's calls, leaving her whole family in an agonizing wait for her decision. But things kick into high gear when Olivier shows up at Sam's house then starts feeling unwell. He needs a kidney transplant right away. As Sam is wheeled into the operating room, she makes a desperate final appeal to Antoine: she needs him.


Antoine's return is a pleasant surprise for Sam. On a love high, she gives in and agrees to marry him. But first they have to resolve her legal woes. Sam's trial is set to start soon and her troubles keep piling up: her attorney has just resigned from the case. With help from Antoine and Xavier, Sam prepares her defense. But on the opening day of the trial, much to everyone's surprise, Matthieu Calligari withdraws his statement.

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