The Promise

La Promesse

SERIES 6 x 52''



Directed by

Laure de Butler


Sofia Essaidi
Olivier Marchal (36th Precinct, Braquo, Elite Squad)
Lorant Deutsch
Nadia Fares (The Nest)



2020 / Original language: French / Color / available in uhd

On the day after Christmas 1999, with a vicious storm pummeling Europe, 11-year-old Charlotte Meyer vanishes without a trace in the heart of the Landes region. Police captain Pierre Castaing is tapped to head the investigation. Deeply shaken by his failure to find the little girl, Castaing becomes ostracized from the community as his own family falls apart. 20 years later, his daughter picks up the investigation in order to clear his name.


Episode 1
In the heart of the Landes region, with the great storm of 1999 raging, 11-year-old Charlotte Meyer vanishes without a trace. Police Captain Pierre Castaing, the head of the investigation, is forced to release his prime suspect, Serge Fouquet, for lack of evidence. A few hundred kilometers away, Sarah, a young detective in the Child Protection Brigade, discovers the case of another missing girl that points to the same suspect.

Episode 2
Sarah tries to tie Charlotte Meyer's disappearance to the Fanny Vidal case, convinced Fouquet is responsible for the disappearance of the new victim as well. But as Sarah interrogates the suspect, he tricks her into making an error, jeopardizing her role in the investigation.

Episode 3
Sarah fights to stay on the case, managing to link the two girls' disappearances and piling up evidence against Fouquet. She is troubled when her old high-school boyfriend, Tony, slips back into her life, oblivious to the fact he's a suspect in Charlotte Meyer's murder.

Episode 4
Fouquet has all the trappings of a dangerous child predator. Sarah is sure she's found the man behind Charlotte Meyer's and Fanny Vidal's disappearances. She starts seeing Tony again, unaware that he's been incriminated in her own investigation.

Episode 5
Tony is arrested, but denies having anything to do with the girls' disappearances. Sarah is pulled off the case for being romantically involved with the suspect. Frozen out by her colleagues, Sarah continues investigating the Charlotte Meyer case behind their backs. She discovers an overlooked trace of DNA on the young girl's boots.

Episode 6
The DNA found on Charlotte Meyer's boots leads to a surprising female suspect. Realizing the woman is also involved in Fanny Vidal's disappearance, Sarah moves heaven and earth to find the little girl before she suffers the same fate as little Charlotte


Average of 8.3M viewers for the first episode of the series
Best launch for a French series since 2015!

On average the last 2 episodes gathered 7.1M viewers.
31% Audience Share on Housewives under 50.
27% Audience Share on people aged 25 to 49.

Best launch on the Housewives under 50 since 2019.



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