Pif & Hercules

Pif & Hercule

SERIES 130 x 13'

Meet Pif & Hercules, the odd couple of the animal kingdom

After José Cabrero alias Arnal‘s comic books

Directed by

Bruno Desraisses


COL.IMA.SON – S.E.K - TF1 with the participation of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication

1989 / Original language: French / Color / Mono

Meet Pif & Hercules, the odd couple of the animal kingdom.
Pif the dog and Hercules the cat form a tamdem who are always together and never in agreement - they have nothing in common except their sense of mischief and a talent for getting into hilarious situations.
Born in 1948 under the witty pen of José Cabrero, alias Arnal, the Pif & Hercules comic strip is today one of the world's most beloved strip cartoons, whose albums have been published in 10 languages from Norway to Japan.
Since 1989, their adventures have been translated into an animated cartoon series broadcast in 90 countries.

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