Red Band Club - Season 3

Les Bracelets Rouges - Saison 3

SERIES 8 x 52' in a series totalizing 22 episodes
Drama / Biography/Portrait


Directed by

Julien Abraham (Asphalt Playground, Made in China)

Christophe Campos (Red Band Club, Parenthood Instruction Manual)

Jeremy Mainguy



Tom Rivoire (News from Planet Mars, War of the Buttons)
Audran Cattin
Louna Espinosa
Azize Diabaté Abdoulaye (Asphalt Playground)
Marius Blivet (S.J.U. Special Juvenile Unit)
Hanane EL YOUSFI (L'Emprise)
Mona Berard
Capucine VALMARY (Unfaithful)
Pascal Elbé (No Second Chance)
Camille Lou (New Biz In The Hood, Marry Me, Dude)
Cécile Rebboah (Fear by the Lake, How Mum Turned To Armed Robbery, Red Band Club)
Cristiana Reali (Love Me No More)
Guy Lecluyse (La Ch'tite Famille, The Tuches)
Aure Atika (My Summer in Provence, You Shouldn't Worry!)
Natacha Régnier (Mood Indigo)
Lionel Abelanski (Cyrano, My Love, Red Band Club, On the Other Side of the Tracks)

2020 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

The Red Band Club finally gets a taste of freedom. Thomas, Roxane, Mehdi, Louise and Come have to learn how to live like normal teens again. But life outside the hospital is far from being the bliss they dreamed it would be. Clement, who is due to be discharged in a matter of days, is afraid their friendship won't survive the separation. Then there's the arrival of Nour, a new patient who has definitely aroused his curiosity, and a twist of fate that will reunite the whole gang - in the worst possible way.


Episode 1
Clement is the last Band member still at the hospital full-time. He's due to get out soon, but really resents Thomas for not at all keeping in touch since he left. Mehdi begins an internship at the hospital under Catalan's supervision. Roxane starts a new project for her future. Come has been struggling to recover his memory ever since he regained consciousness. The hospital welcomes Nour, a young female patient who moves into Jessica's room.

Episode 2
Clement meets Nour, who has to make an important decision before her surgery. Mehdi finds out that Thomas doesn't live abroad like he thought he did. He hopes to convince him to come see Clement at the hospital. But Thomas, who can't seem to resume a normal life at high school, doesn't want to see anyone. Come comes in contact with a young woman in a coma. Louise returns to the hospital for a routine visit before leaving on a trip. Clement gets his lab results back: he's finally going to know if he can get out!

Episode 3
Roxane hangs out with Thomas and realizes something is wrong. Mehdi helps Come find someone for Iris, the young woman in the coma. Nour, worried about her surgery, finds a
friend in Clement, who puts his experience to good use to help her overcome her anxiety. Explosive confrontation between Clement and Thomas, who is forced to return to the hospital. Jessica learns that she'll soon be able to have a bone marrow transplant, which is great news! But it's dampened by her difficult relationship with her brother, who doesn't seem all that thrilled.

Episode 4
Sylvie and Patrick don't know what else they can do to help Clement, who has taken a turn for the worse and feels more disheartened than ever. With the encouragement of Agathe, Mehdi decides he wants to become a physical therapist, but keeps making mistakes on the job. Nour has been having a hard time getting used to her new body since the operation. She finds the support of a woman who went through the same surgery. The big day has finally come for Louise, who's a little sad to leave the Red Bands - and worried about leaving Clement behind just one day before surgery that may be his last chance.

Episode 5
The Red Band Club is finally reunited! Medhi's grandfather is hospitalized, forcing Medhi to run the garage for him, which puts his internship in jeopardy. Roxane reluctantly agrees to work at a bar with her mother. Jessica has a breakdown. She still has no donor and her brother has stopped communicating with her altogether. Meanwhile, Clement is acting as if there's no hope left for him, and even puts off his operation.

Episode 6
Clement slowly recovers from surgery, with the kind help of Nour. His feelings for her continue to grow. It's getting harder and harder for Nour to tolerate how intrusively present her family is, especially her mother. Nathalie can't get over the fact that Come hasn't given up on Iris. Worse yet, she realizes that Romain is determined to help him. Thomas finally comes to terms with his disability and regains his self-confidence at high school.

Episode 7
Devasted by what he has just gone through, Medhi loses his bearings. He resents his doctors, refuses help from his friends and puts his life in danger. The Red Bands want to help him, but they are all struggling to deal with their own problems. Roxane has a breakdown. She can't handle being back to life as usual. She decides to return to the hospital. Thanks to her brother, Jessica finally gets her bone marrow transplant. Can the ordeal they've been through bring them together?

Episode 8
Mehdi is rushed back to the hospital. The Red Bands and doctors join forces to help him make it through. Clement has been waiting so long to get out that he doesn't feel like he's ready yet to face the outside world. But he knows he can count on his friends to stick with him as he makes a new start. So together, far from the hospital, the Red Bands step out and leave illness behind them, to enjoy freedom and friendship - and finally give life a chance.

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