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Olivia, Fighting for justice for those who have none.


SERIES 6 x 52'
Drama / Cop/Investigation



Franck Ollivier (Bright-eyed Revenge, Taxi Brooklyn)

Directed by

Thierry Binisti

Octave Raspail (Tomorrow Is Ours)


Laëtitia Milot (Olivia, Life’s so Sweet, Bright-eyed Revenge, A Baby for Christmas)
Cyrielle Debreuil (Outlander)
Philippe Duquesne (Babysitting, 9 Month Stretch, Captain Marleau, Marry Me, Dude, Babysitting)
Cyril Lecomte (The Connection, Last Call for Nowhere, Vanished by the Lake)
Lola Dubini
Eric Berger (Tanguy)
Xavier Lemaître (50 is the New 30)
François-David Cardonnel (The Bonfire of Destiny)
Samy Naceri (Taxi)


JLA Productions / TF1

2019 / Original language: French / Color / 2.00 / available in hd

After coming to terms with her troubled past, Olivia Alessandri opened a law firm on the French Riviera with a challenging credo: to defend the defenseless!
The energy she put into avenging her parents' wrongful death years ago is now put to good use fighting on behalf of others. Her rebel spirit has transformed into empathy for victims of injustice. Always pushing limits, she will stop at nothing to defend the men and women who come to her as a last resort.
Each one of her cases becomes like a perilous chess match as she fights to restore justice for the people justice has betrayed.


Five years after her spectacular revenge, Olivia Alessandri has established herself as an attorney and set up her own practice to fight the worst cases of injustice. In one of them, she defends Emma Bosco, whose life falls apart when her husband takes a paternity test and finds out he isn't the biological father of their child. Emma insists that she never cheated on her husband, and doesn't understand how her child's father could be anyone but him. When Olivia investigates, she discovers that Emma was a victim of rape - in unthinkable circumstances. Meanwhile, Olivia meets Christophe, the father of one of her daughter's friends, and petitions the court to extend the prison sentence of a dangerous criminal: Alexis Alban.

The judge pronounces his verdict: Alban will stay in prison. As she leaves the courthouse, Olivia gets a call from her daughter Lou: one of her teenage friends Lina has been accused of causing the death of an infant she was babysitting. During the tense questioning she endures, Lou tries to sort through her hazy memories and ends up admitting to police commander Spagnolo that she gave the baby an overdose of medicine. Olivia won't accept the validity of these confessions made under pressure. She believes her client is innocent. To prove it, she dives deep into the complex history of the child's family - and finds out the baby was intentionally poisoned.

Justine is a very troubled teen. When her parents discover scars of self-inflicted wounds on her body, they come to consult Olivia, convinced that their daughter must be a victim of harassment at high school. The lawyer's investigation reveals that Justine has been caught up in a morbid online challenge game which leads to the deathly dare of suicide. Finding out who is behind this cyber-harassment pushing the teenage girl to destroy herself becomes urgent. Meanwhile, as the relationship between Christophe and Olivia slowly begins to build and grow, a mysterious man starts sending her frightening declarations of love.

Jonathan, 20, has been tetraplegic since the accident that killed his girlfriend. His mother calls on Olivia because the young man is convinced the car crashed into them deliberately - that it was murder. But the driver, an Egyptian diplomat, benefits from diplomatic immunity that protects him from any legal recourse. Why would he have intentionally crashed into two young people he didn't know? Was he really driving the car, or is he using his immunity to protect someone else? Olivia takes an interest in the man's son, Arash, and discovers he may the one actually responsible for the accident. As the strange threats against Olivia intensify, Aban escapes from prison and is seen lurking about friends of Olivia's daughter Lou.

At the insistence of her boyfriend Simon, Margaux Blondel calls on Olivia to resolve a case that has been weighing on her for twenty years: she is sure she was raped by her brother when she was sixteen. The painful memory has resurfaced in a recent session of hypnosis. Margaux wants justice. She hires Olivia to stand up to the powerful Blondel family, who accuses Margaux of being psychologically unstable and questions her true motives. Olivia herself begins to have doubts about her client - but why would she lie to her? That is the mystery Olivia will have to unravel to discover who truly victimized Margaux.

Commander Spagnolo, accused of deliberately killing a young man from a disadvantaged neighborhood during an armed robbery, is about to stand trial. He askes Olivia to defend him, after losing trust in his attorney and firing him. Spagnolo swears to her that it was a case of self-defense and that the young man's death was an accident. Olivia agrees on one condition: he has to tell her the truth. This pact between them will be truly put to the test as Olivia begins to uncover the heavy family secret Spagnolo has been hiding, which may be linked to the young man's death. On the day of the trial, a terrifying shooting breaks out in the courtroom and Olivia finds herself face-to-face with the man who has been threatening her for weeks.



Average of 4.25 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 20.7% market share 4+
and 22.9% market share Housewives

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