How Mom Turned To Armed Robbery

Itinéraire d’une maman braqueuse

TV MOVIE 2 x 52'' or 104’


When it comes to earning a decent life for her kids, she'll do whatever it takes.

Clara Bourreau and CĂ©cile Lugiez

Directed by

Alexandre Castagnetti (A New Girl in Paris, Tamara, Stand by Love)


CĂ©cile Rebboah (Fear by the Lake, How Mum Turned To Armed Robbery, Red Band Club)
Medi Sadoun (Serial (Bad) Weddings 1 & 2)
Claire Nadeau (The Tuche Family)
Catherine Allégret (Tomorrow Is Ours)
Jules Houplain
Simon Aouizerate
Pascal Demolon (Divorce à la française, Radiostars, Merry Christmas)


Elephant Story and TF1

2019 / Original language: French / Color / 2.00 / available in hd

Based on the true story
Adapted from the novel « Itinéraire d’une maman braqueuse» published by Max Milo Editions

Laura becomes a single mom to her two sons after leaving her unfaithful husband. All she really wants are life's simple pleasures: a comfortable home, a job that pays the bills and a nice meal from time to time. But soon she goes into debt and has to depend upon credit just to get by.
Despite her best intentions and hard work, even a second job, she just can't make ends meet. Creditors harass her. They want to take everything - even her dignity. Desperate, Laura can see only one solution left to save her family: stage a hold-up


Average of 3.71 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 16.3% market share 4+
and 19.5% market share Housewives

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"This fiction about financial insecurity hits just the right tone"
TV Grandes Chaines

"A cry for help"
Télé Magazine

"Based on a true story, this fiction about financial insecurity hits the right nerve, by questioning our society and its crushing machinery".
Télé Z
"CĂ©cile Rebboah puts her whole body and soul into it, playing a wide scale of emotions with subtlety."
Télé Z

"This new social-themed one-off by TF1 stands out from the rest"
Télé Cable Satellite
"CĂ©cile Rebboah, tragic and dazzling"
Télé Cable Satellite

"A great social-themed drama"
Télé Cable Satellite

"A poignant new fiction" Télé 2 Semaines
"A human drama told with sensitivity"
Télé 2 Semaines

"CĂ©cile Rebboah shines like a star. A poignant role for which she earned the Best Actress Award"
Télé 7 Jours

"As moving as it is alarming, this hellish journey of a single mother calls society to task for its blind and unjust attitude towards financial insecurity."
Télé Poche

"The fight of a mother pushed to her limits, the destiny of a woman enslaved by debt"
Le Figaro

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