Campers in Paradise 63 to 86

Camping Paradis - Episodes 63 à 86

SERIES 26 x 52'' in a series totalizing 88 episodes


Stop by the Paradise Camping Grounds, you'll have a lot of fun and a memorable stay!

Directed by



Laurent Ournac (Campers in Paradise 1, 2 and 3)
Patrick Guérineau
Princess Erika
Thierry Heckendorn
Géraldine Lapalus
Alexandra Vandernoot (Highlander, Winds of Passion, Deep Secrets, The Closet, The Dinner Game),
Jennifer Lauret (Julie Lescaut, A Wonderful Family),


JLA Productions and TF1 S

2018 / Original language: French / Color

When he takes over the family campsite after his parents' death, Tom has no idea what to expect.
On the alert for undercover tour guide inspectors, trying to identify a baby’s father or dealing with a man who claims to be the co-owner of the site, Tom has to make sure the campers enjoy their vacations. And his staff — Rosy at reception, Xavier at the bar, Amandine in water sports and André in maintenance- are not always a great help.


Episodes 63/64 - Whatever It Takes
Josephine thought she would finally be able to go on vacation. What a surprise when she ends up having to stay at the camp to fill in for Andre, who has injured his neck. But actually, Josephine has a very special mission: to take care of her client, Olivier, who has divorced his wife Mathilde but still loves her. For the first time at Paradise Camping, Tom teams up with Josephine to play guardian angel, in an episode full of surprises and magic!
Parizot, infatuated with his charming neighbor Fabienne, changes his personality and adapts his rigid ideas to seduce her. Parizot's legendary hypocrisy is going to reach new heights!

Episodes 65/66 - Family Reunions
Benoit and Julien, brothers but total opposites, meet up at the camp to celebrate the 10th birthday of Benoit's son Leo. They were very close when they were younger. But Benoit is anxious about seeing Julien after three years and gets a little jealous of how well he gets along with his son. What is the secret that has held them so far apart?
Sabine comes to the camp to meet up with her new boyfriend Laurent and spend their first romantic vacation together. But Laurent unexpectedly shows up with his 19-year-old son Max, whose vacation plans with his buddies have fallen through. Sabine and Laurent adapt to include him, but Max pulls mean tricks on Laurent to try to get him to leave. Maybe Max showing up wasn't really a last-minute change of plans?
Misunderstandings abound when Andre thinks Tom wants him to retire, but Tom actually thinks Andre wants to retire.

Episodes 67/68 - The Old and the New
Yann and Servane, proud Celtic descendants of Brittany's culture and heritage, meet up with their daughter Soizick, who introduces them to her new boyfriend Damien - from Normandy! As she deals with their shock, she also has to let them know that she won't be taking over the family business in Brittany.
Jonathan runs into the beautiful Cordelia and is love-struck. He finds a bottle washed up on the shore with a letter inside. Cordelia wrote the letter to forget about someone she loved. Jonathan, touched by the letter, is determined to approach her, but he's shy. So he uses the letter - and gets caught in a trap of lies when it works!
Gilles' being single gets on everyone's nerves.

Episodes 69/70 - To Our Fathers
In his last will and testament, a man asked his wife and son to scatter his ashes at Paradise Camping on a particular day. They don't know that a young woman has come there for the same reason. Who is she?
Amandine comes back to the camp to introduce her new boyfriend to her old buddies. The boyfriend has a daughter from a previous marriage. It's tough trying to be a good step-mom when the girl constantly talks about her mother with her dad. Luckily, Amandine can count on her friends to be her allies. But what's the deal with Xavier? Amandine hasn't seen him since they broke up.
Parizot wants to be the most "liked" photographer on the Internet. When Gilles decides to become a Buddhist monk, Parizot seizes the opportunity to use him as a photographic subject.

Episodes 71/72 - Play That Funky Music
Just when Tom is wondering if it might be time to sell the campsite, he gets knocked out and wakes up... in 1976! Bell-bottom pants and wide lapels, Citroën 2CVs and Volkswagen vans are everywhere! Tom is amazed to see the campsite in the old days, run by his parents.
An episode full of laughs and emotion that rocks to the cult hits of the 1970's!

Episodes 73/74 - First Love
Lea and her parents come to the campsite. Lea, 17, isn't feeling well. Her parents assume it's just an adolescent phase. Then her boyfriend Thibault surprises her by showing up at the camp. He thinks it's high time they tell Lea's parents that they are expecting a baby and happy about it, even if they are still minors.
Margot can't wait to introduce her new boyfriend to her childhood buddy Olivia. What a surprise they get when she introduces them! Benjamin and Olivia were once lovers, a fact they keep hidden from Margot.
Xavier falls head-over-heels for Parizot's sister, Berengere.

Episodes 75/76 - The Big Leap
Charlotte, one of Audrey's childhood friends, shows up at the campsite with her son Lucas. She's come for more than just a social visit. She has an upcoming job interview in the area, with the intention of moving there with her son. She hasn't said anything about yet it to her parents, Martine and Jean-Claude, who will be joining them there next week. Only thing is, their plans have changed and they decide to show up early! Lucas is very attached to his grandparents and Martine takes care of him as if he was her own son. How is Charlotte going to break the news to her parents, who have always been by her side to help her out, that she is moving 600 miles away from them and taking Lucas with her?
Lucie and Geraldine come camping for the first time without their parents. Geraldine has the responsibility of looking after her little sister, which she isn't too happy about! She never imagined for a single second that Lucie would secretly invite her boyfriend Julien along. Lucie has decided to take that big step with him and experience making love for the first time. Except that Geraldine thinks young Julien seems a little too self-confident. She fears that Lucie might just become one of many on his list - and end up permanently disillusioned about love.

Episodes 77/78 - Stay-at-Home Dad
Sylvain has been a stay-at-home father for two years now, following a stroke that luckily left no lasting damage. Laetitia is the one who has been working and paying the household expenses, while Sylvain spends most of his time taking care of Lili. But one of his former co-workers shows up at the campgrounds, and despite himself, revives Sylvain's professional past and glory days. At certain times of the day when Lili needs him less, Sylvain starts feeling fed up with his shopping and laundry duties.

Camille, who has just graduated high school with honors, is all set to begin medical school next year. But what her separated parents don't know is that she has passed a qualifying exam behind their backs. Her father, a former musician who owns a recording studio in London, learns about it from a friend and comes to the campsite to talk it over. Sandrine blows her top at the idea of her daughter moving to London to pursue a difficult career.

Parizot ends up in a wheelchair after Tom knocked him down. While Tom is stuck taking care of him, Parizot finds out that Tom has a crush on a camper named Eleonore and decides to coach him.

Episodes 79/80 - A Golden Voice
Sarah shows up at camp with her daughter Chloe and her new partner Thierry, who has also brought his daughter Rose. The campsite is putting on a singing contest, but when Tom encourages the girls to participate, Thierry immediately forbids his daughter to sign up. What is the secret about his deceased wife, the mother of his daughter, that is still making Thierry suffer? Is he really ready to start something new with Sarah?

Tom's aunt Muriel, who has moved away to live for most of the year in Canada, comes to visit her nephew. Tom is delighted. But as time goes by, Muriel becomes increasingly difficult to deal with. She wants to make big decisions about the campsite, which destabilizes Tom. He starts to wonder what Muriel's real intentions are. What is she really thinking?

Parizot has the hots for Muriel and decides to try to win her over. He bribes his campsite neighbor to teach him how to play guitar, so he can participate in the singing contest.

Episodes 81/82 - A Marriage in Paradise
Jessica and François are getting married at the campsite and their families meet for the first time. An unusual situation! A car mechanic and public notary don't usually share the same social circles. One side has brought along a rabbi and the other seems to be fairly faithful to Catholic traditions. The camp team have a lot of work to do to manage the event! In addition to their logistical challenges, they've got to deal with all the various conflicts that arise from this unusual mix in order to make the marriage happen. If it does happen, that is.

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