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Red Band Club - Season 2

Les Bracelets Rouges - Saison 2

SERIES 8 x 52' in a series totalizing 14 episodes
Drama / Biography/Portrait


An incredible story of friendship, laughter and tears shared between young hospitalized teens.

Adapted by Marie Roussin

Directed by

Nicolas Cuche (Second Chance, Elite Squad)


Audran Cattin
Tom Rivoire (News from Planet Mars, War of the Buttons)
Esther Valding (Clem)
Louna Espinosa
Azize Diabaté Abdoulaye (Asphalt Playground)
Marius Blivet (S.J.U. Special Juvenile Unit)
Michaël Youn (Vive la France)
Pascal Elbé (No Second Chance)
CĂ©cile Rebboah (Fear by the Lake, How Mum Turned To Armed Robbery, Red Band Club)
Natacha RĂ©gnier (Mood Indigo)
Cristiana Reali (Love Me No More)
Lionel Abelanski (Cyrano, My Love, Red Band Club, On the Other Side of the Tracks)
Guy Lecluyse (La Ch'tite Famille, The Tuches)
Camille Lou (New Biz In The Hood, Marry Me, Dude)
Jean-François Cayrey (The Intouchables)
Diouc Koma
Vincent Deniard
Mona Berard


VEMA Production/VĂ©ronique Marchat

Delivery: + SEASON 3: 8X52' BY WINTER 2020

2019 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / available in hd

Based on “Polseres Vermelles” from Albert Espinosa and Pau Freixas - Distributed by Ace Entertainment

The original Catalan story “Polseres Vermelles” has already inspired TV series in Italy, Germany and the United States. This new and hugely successful French adaptation is probably the closest to Albert Espinosa’s true story and the Catalan TV series. Though not afraid to show the pain these teenagers are going through, the French version is always uplifting. It also delves deeper into the teenagers’ backstory and their relationships with their parents.

In season 2, the Red Band Club has to come to terms with the loss of Sarah as they face new challenges with their own diseases. Torn between wanting to heal fast and defying the doctors, they are destabilized by the arrival of Louise, a very unusual new patient. Clement, Thomas, Roxane and Mehdi are growing up. More than ever, they are bonded together by the urgency of life.


Episode 1
Sarah didn't survive surgery. The teens are submerged in bewilderment, sadness and anger. Luckily they can count on each other and help each other to make it through the hardship and pain. Together, they pay tribute to their departed friend who will be a part of their lives forever.

Episode 2
Between physical therapy sessions and his relationship with Roxane, Thomas isn't paying much attention to Clement, who is having a tough time with chemo. Meeting Louise gives him a new perspective of his life in the hospital. Mehdi uses the improvisation class to let himself go and express his anxiety.

Episode 3
Clement and Louise can't believe their eyes: Come moved his lips! Nathalie insists that a scan be done to check if there has been any evolution in his state. With his prosthetic, Thomas has regained self-confidence, but he doesn't see how uncomfortable Roxane is. Louise's doctor informs her that her treatment is no longer effective.

Episode 4
The Red Bands make a special effort to give Nathalie support while Come undergoes surgery. Romain has showed up, too. Clement and Mehdi help Louise shoot a video for her foundation. Aurore visits Thomas for his birthday and finds out he and his friends have nothing planned. Dr. Sora is more and more concerned by the state of Roxane's health.

Episode 5
Nathalie deals with a huge disappointment: Come is going to be transferred to a different hospital. She is determined to do everything she can to keep him from getting to that point. Louise's health is deteriorating fast. Her brother Raphael refuses to see her. At their wits'end, Clement's parents look for empathy in a support group.

Episode 6
Mehdi doesn't recognize the signs indicating his aneurysm could burst at any moment. Nathalie uses alternative therapies to help Come. Roxane loses her bearings and puts herself in danger to stay with Thomas, who is getting out of the hospital soon. Louise's mother hangs on to a thin hope of saving her daughter.

Episode 7
The Red Bands take action to keep Come from getting transferred. Thomas realizes that Roxane can't get out in her current state of health. Mehdi is upset: he is convinced that something is going to go wrong during his surgery. The improvisation class gives Clement and Louise an opportunity to get closer, but neither of them seem to want to make the first move.

Episode 8
Thomas will be leaving soon. His friends are determined to make it an event to remember. Roxane makes Thomas understand that she is incapable of healing without him. Clement and Louise come out about their feelings for each other and discuss it. Mehdi really lives it up during what he thinks is going to be the last night of his life. It's an exhausting night for the doctors and parents.


Average of 6 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 34.8% Market Share Housewives
and 25.2% Market Share 4+

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