Police Wars, The Hunt for Jacques Mesrine

La chasse à l'homme


How rival police forces hunted down France's public enemy number one

Based on the book

Directed by

Arnaud Sélignac (Arletty, A Guilty Passion, Police Wars: the Hunt for Jacques Mesrine)


Aladin Reibel
Anne Caillon
Richard Berry (22 Bullets, The Valet, Ruby & Quentin)
Serge Riaboukine (Angel-A, Crimson Rivers 2, Look at Me)


TF1 / TAP / SAMA Productions / Fontana / RTL TVI

2006 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

June 1979: When a millionaire is kidnapped by two fake policemen, the handwriting on the ransom note is unmistakable: it is the work of Jacques Mesrine, France's Public Enemy Number One... bank robber, kidnapper and prison escape artist whose charisma inspires both fear and respect.

Two of France’s top cops swear to stop Mesrine for once and for all: Captain Broussard, of the Anti-Gang Squad, and most of all, Lucien Aimé-Blanc, of the elite Organized Crime Brigade (OCBR). Two cops whose personal ambitions lead to a failed arrest so embarrassing that Mesrine walks away with six million francs in ransom money.

After this fiasco, it is clear that the police wars must end if Mesrine is to be stopped. And on November 2, 1979, after a final briefing, a commando unit awaits Mesrine for a final escapade on the outskirts of Paris...

Based on the memoir by French top cop, Lucien Aimé-Blanc, who masterminded the military-style ambush.


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