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SERIES 6 x 52' and more to come
Drama / Thriller



Hélène Duchateau (Profiling), Baptiste Filleul (Captain Sharif) and Pierre Linhart (Criminal Games, New Agatha Christie Collection)

Directed by

Didier Le PĂŞcheur (The Intern)


Claire Keim (Breathe, The Two-Sided Mirror, Zodiac Murders 1 & 2)
Jonathan ZaccaĂŻ (The Bureau, Remi, Nobody's Boy)
FĂ©lix Lefebvre (The Chalet)
Chloé Jouannet (Riviera, Our Summer in Provence)
Vanessa David
Mathieu Madénian
Philippe Lefebvre
Philippe Torreton
Natalia Dontcheva (The Art of Seduction)
Mylène Demongeot
Olivier Claverie


Storia Television, BBC Studios France and TF1

Delivery: SEASON 2 : 6 x 52' BY Q4 2020

2019 / Original language: French / Color / 2.00 / available in hd

When your life falls apart, and everyone has betrayed you, there's only one answer: fight back.

Emma has everything she needs to be happy. She's a doctor, with her husband and son she forms a united family she adores and has a beautiful house in a magical setting by the beaches of Biarritz. For a 40- year-old, life couldn't be better.

The day Emma notices a long blond hair on her husband Matteo's scarf, her entire family's foundations are shaken. She comes to suspect that her husband is having an affair but is he? Emma is determined to unveil the secrets of the man she had always given her blind trust. Suspicions build. Nothing will ever be the same...


Episode 1

All it takes is finding one blond hair on her husband's scarf to turn Emma's perfect, orderly life upside down. Whose hair is it? Gwen, the "good" friend he's had for so long? Sarah, his newly divorced colleague? Ingrid, the very friendly wife of Matteo's financial associate? Why does Matteo often come home in the middle of the night? Doubt creeps in and trust erodes. Emma neglects her medical practice to spy on her husband, and then delegates that duty to Linda, one of her patients. She neglects her teenage son, Luigi, who becomes more and more disturbed by his mother's attitude. Emma doubts, even though everything seems to confirm Matteo's innocence. He even acts like a model husband. Is she losing her mind? Just when Emma has decided to believe Matteo, Linda shows her the photo she took of him: her husband is kissing a mysterious blond woman.

Episode 2

Still in shock from the photo, Emma shows up at her birthday party, organized by Matteo. What if her rival was there at the party?
Emma ends up meeting the young woman in her medical practice. It's Ingrid and Rodolphe's daughter Candice, an insolent, 22-year old beauty who comes in for a consultation after a fainting spell. Candice's innuendos leave no room for doubt: she is having an affair with a married man, unhappily married and planning to leave his wife. Emma finds Matteo's second cell phone, which confirms his affair with Candice and reveals that everyone Emma knows has been complicit. Her world collapses. Things look even darker when she get the results of Candice's blood tests: she's pregnant.

Episode 3

Determined to learn more, Emma pays Linda to become friends with Candice. The young woman confesses to Linda that she hasn't dared tell Matteo about her pregnancy and isn't sure if she is going to keep it. Emma begs Linda to convince Candice to abort.
Disturbed by her personal problems, Emma neglects one of her patients, Castain, a notorious hypochondriac. She doesn't diagnose his peritonitis, and he ends up in the emergency room, where he just barely escapes death. Emma's colleagues make her take some time off.
Luigi walks in on his mom just as their neighbor Nils is flirting with her. The incident convinces him that Matteo's absences and Emma's bizarre attitude are all because his mom is having an affair.
Linda goes with Candice to a clinic where she is scheduled to have an abortion and ends up advising her to let Matteo know. He gets the call right in front of Emma and abruptly leaves her to meet Candice, who tells him she is pregnant. He promises to leave Emma.
Emma doesn't know what is going on, and Linda has refused to tell her anything anymore. Emma takes her son to Matteo's restaurant and gets the nasty surprise of running into Candice and her parents Ingrid and Rodolphe, who invite her to their table. Candice, feeling faint, escapes to the restrooms. Emma joins her there. Candice informs Emma that her affair with Matteo has been going on for two years.

Episode 4

Emma immediately goes to see one of her patients, a lawyer by the name of Kaddour, for a divorce. He advises her to say nothing to Matteo until he can study the couple's financial situation. Traumatized by his mother's bitter irritability, Luigi has a violent outburst of anxiety in front of his father. Matteo is torn between his passion for Candice and his love for Emma and his son.
Emma invites their neighbor Nils, who is a banker, over for dinner to get access to Matteo's accounts. He seduces her and she sleeps with him.
Emma gets a slew of attacks on her professional website. Who is targeting her? Emma visits Matteo's mother Giulia, who asks Emma to put her out of her misery.
Feeling guilty about making his son suffer, Matteo decides not to leave Emma after all. He breaks up with Candice. He doesn't know about the divorce proceedings. Nils has studied Matteo's accounts and informs Emma that the situation is disastrous. Matteo has borrowed 800,000 euros from the the bank and has put a mortgage on their house to finance his restaurant. Emma risks losing everything.

Episode 5

Luigi learns indirectly that his mother is intending to divorce, which provokes another outburst of anxiety. His psychologist warns his parents: they absolutely need to explain the crisis they are going through to their son.
Matteo's mother Giulia dies of an overdose of sleeping pills. Matteo suspects Emma of having supplied them to her, which Emma denies.
The hardship of mourning, and Matteo's separation from Candice, pushes Emma to give her marriage a second chance and cancel the divorce proceedings. Heloise, Nils' wife, sees Emma and her husband flirting yet again. It's one time too many. She tells Matteo about Emma's infidelity. Furious at his wife, Matteo goes back to Candice, who announces she's had an abortion.
Matteo confesses to his son that he's had an affair with another woman and swears to him that he is going to end it.
Emma shows up unannounced at Matteo's restaurant and sees him having sex with Candice.
Matteo meets up with Emma, who has been waiting, dressed to the hilt, to give him a surprise. She unexpectedly takes him... to Candice's parents home.

Episode 6

In the presence of Matteo, Candice and her parents, Emma reveals everything: the adultery, the lies, the abortion... Shocked, Candice's father Rodolphe throws Emma and Matteo out. Candice meets them outside and admits that she never actually got the abortion. She demands that Matteo make a choice. Matteo leaves with Candice.
The war has begun. Emma wants to throw Matteo out of the house and keep custody of Luigi. Matteo refuses to be separated from his son.
Emma goes to get her son right in the middle of class and takes him to his aunt's house. On the way, Luigi declares that he has always preferred his dad. His mother has always been too busy with work to take care of him. Emma understands that Luigi is the one who has been attacking her on her professional website. Emma, so in shock that she is deaf to her son's yells, drives too fast and crashes into another vehicle.
Emma meets up with Matteo but doesn't tell him what's happened to Luigi. They get into a heated argument. Emma sets his panic, anger and hate ablaze. Matteo throws her violently against a bay window. Emma, bloody, collapses to the floor.
Matteo is living with Candice now, who will soon be giving birth. Emma is back to work and taking care of Luigi on her own. She is going through with the divorce. Matteo refuses to let her take full custody of their son. But Emma will continue to wage war. Nothing can stop her.


Average of 5.74 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 24.7% market share 4+
and 31.7% market share Housewives

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"Drama that gets inside a declining relationship and unravels it like a thriller."
"This series breaks the mold."
"Claire Keim delivers a perfect performance between strength and fragility."

"High-risk suspense. A dramatic masterpiece carried by excellent actors."

"The tension mounts throughout the six episodes."

"A good psychological thriller carried by a duo of overwhelming actors."

"A fascinating trip to hell - captivating series."

"A fast-paced series full of twists - fantastic!"

"A psychological thriller with a heavy, hypnotizing feel."

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