Black Widower

Black Widower


Based on a true story
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Directed by

Christopher Leitch (Charmed, Moonlighting)


Kelly McGillis (At First Sight, Top Gun, Perfect Prey, Witness)
Francis X. McCarthy
David Lipper


Muse Entertainment

2005 / Original language: English / Color / Stereo

Bobbi Amos is found dead after a night of kinky sex and partying with her husband Lowell “Ed” Amos. Although Ed acts like a distraught husband when the police arrive, it all appears a little suspicious to Officer Patrick Henahan. Patrick is referred to Assistant District Attorney Nancy Westveld. Nancy is fascinated by the case, particularly upon meeting the victim’s mother, Marie Wagner who believes Ed is Bobbi’s murderer and also suspects he killed his two former wives.
Nancy tries to figure out how Ed was able to murder two wives and possibly his mother and get away with it. As her investigation takes her through his past life, she encounters a pattern of insurance policies, women, extravagant spending, and gambling. Ed is a man who has made many people suspicious but also charmed his way out of many dilemmas...

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