Mademoiselle Joubert

Mademoiselle Joubert

TV MOVIE 4 x 96'
Comedy drama

An elementary school teacher with old-style authority and new-style communication skills takes a village in the provinces by storm

Directed by

Claudio Tonetti

Didier Albert (Dolmen, Lost Signs, Deep Secrets)

Eric Summer (Dolmen, St Tropez, Julie Police Commissioner)

Vincenzo Marano (The Mole 1, 2)


Laurence Boccolini
Marvin Benhaim
Patrice Juiff
Philippe Uchan (Bye Bye Morons)


Image et Compagnie in coproduction with SLP and RTL-TVI with the participation of TF1

2005 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

Charming, pugnacious, witty and always ready to lend an ear, Nathalie Joubert, mid-30s, moves out to a small village school in the country for the sake of her nephew, Romain, whom she has raised alone since his parents died in a car accident.
Single after the break-up of her relationship under the strain of the traumatized boy's arrival in her life, Nathalie becomes a firm favorite with her new students and their parents, but her popularity isn't to some people's liking. Nathalie's way too lively for the traditionalist school principal and way too alluring for her charms to go unnoticed. But she needs more than charm to solve some of the pupils' problems and gain the villagers' acceptance...
Nathalie Joubert is a teacher with a difference, who uses her humor and ability to relate to people.

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