Special Honors

Mention Particulière

TV MOVIE 96' or 2 x 45'
Comedy drama


Moving, funny and sometimes dark, “Special Honors” is a feel-good movie in the spirit of The Belier Family or Untouchable.

Directed by

Christophe Campos (Red Band Club, Parenthood Instruction Manual)


Bruno Salomone (Desperate Parents)
Hélène de Fougerolles (Balthazar, Elise’s Secret)
Jonathan Lambert
Marie Dal Zotto
Maira Schmitt
Gaspard Meier


Caminando Productions and Endemol Fiction


2017 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / available in hd

Based on the 2014 true story of Yasmine, a young woman in Morocco who, despite being afflicted with Down syndrome, successfully passed her High school diploma with honors.

Laura, 20, is determined to earn her High school diploma, just like anyone else. Except Laura is a bit different. She has Down syndrome. As she faces her own difficulties, she must also deal with the doubts of her loved ones and the occasional cruelty of her peers. Overcoming challenge after challenge between emotion and laughter, Laura battles for every inch of an opportunity that life tries to keep from her.
Like a movies in which disability brings a fresh perspective on life challenges and the pursuit of happiness.


Director's Note

This film tells the story of a young girl afflicted with Down syndrome,
who successfully passes the baccalaureate exam and obtains her
degree. Nothing more, nothing less! But substance enough for
screenwriters to want to know more… and quite quickly measure
the everyday battle, which has been going on for ever (against the
handicap, the institution, the perception of others, doubts), that this
young woman and her entire family alongside her, had to wage in
order to attain this victory.

It is the story of this struggle that we wanted to tell, but not in its
entirety. Just the last few yards leading to success, or in other words
the seven or eight tests, over a period of ten days, which comprise the
baccalaureate exam.

First off, because this narrative angle would enable us to introduce a
countdown and suspense; and to stay close to Laura’s character, to
share with her and her family this arduous journey, filled with
obstacles, small miracles and injustices. Because this is what says it

It is a universal topic (who doesn’t remember an important exam?), a
moment of stress not only for the student but also for her family! And
beyond that, ours was a desire to question the norm: any difference
is often heavy to bear, the perception of others difficult to face. It was
also a way to point out that in France, nothing exists at the National
Education level to care for such children.

However, Laura’s story really is that of a victory against all those
who, faced with so-called insurmountable difficulty, whatever that
may be, immediately conclude that “it’s impossible” and discourage
anyone from trying.

In that sense, this film project, which blends emotion, comedy and
tension, feels good to watch and strives to appeal to the broadest

I therefore hope this simple and powerful project will touch you and
make you want to support it. As you know, the economics of a small
production structure like mine are fragile, and your help as well as
your trust hold deep value for me, enabling me to continue
developing project like this one, and take a chance on humans and
their resourcefulness.


Seoul Drama Awards 2018
Official Selection - Best Actress for Marie Dal Zotto

TV Fiction La Rochelle 2017: 2 Awards
- Best Screenplay
- Most Promising Actress for Marie Dal Zotta


Average of 6.41 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
24.7% Market Share
+4 points above the market share of TF1 Prime Time Slot

Click on the pdf file :

  Special Honors ratings.pdf


"An astounding performance – a poignant TV movie"
Le Parisien

"Real, funny, moving and dynamic"
Paris Match

"A touching and original comedy"
Télé Magazine

"Special Honors, a sensitive film about special needs"
Ouest France

"A beautiful comedy-drama about being different, with Marie Dal Zotto playing a funny, endearing high school senior"
Télé Star

"Funny and moving"
TV Magazine

"Portrays special needs with great tenderness and tact."
Le Figaro

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