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Profiling - Season 8

Profilage - Saison 8

SERIES 10 x 52' in a series totalizing 84 episodes



Directed by



Juliette Roudet
Philippe Bas (Maverick Cop, The Invincibles, Michel Vaillant)
Sophie De Fürst (Profiling)


Stéphane Marsil - Beaubourg Audiovisuel

Delivery: New Season 9 by Fall 2018

2017 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / stereo / available in hd

After Chloe leaves for NY, the department gets reorganized. Adele's sensitivity and exceptional talent for profiling make her an asset to the team. Eager to move forward despite the murder of her sister by Argos, she devotes herself to raising her nephew Ulysse as if he was her own. She also digs into her criminology work with Rocher. The support she gets from her colleagues goes beyond work - the team becomes a real family to her, and she finally allows herself to get closer to Rocher. But fate seems to be working against her! Argos lurks in the shadows, waiting to come back and demand from Adele what he thinks is his due: his son.


Episode 75 – The Prisoner - Part 1
Hugo Fournier, a nine-year-old boy, is kidnapped at an amusement park right in front of Adele's eyes. For his parents, it's like a nightmare starting all over again: twenty years ago, their eldest daughter Laura disappeared without a trace. Adele is troubled when the officer in charge of the investigation tells her he always thought Argos was behind Laura's kidnapping. To find Hugo, Adele will have to face the ghosts of her past.

Episode 76 – The Prisoner - Part 2
Argos is behind bars. He alone has the crucial information needed to find little Hugo, missing for several days. But Argos will only talk to Adele if she gives in to his horrible blackmail: Hugo Fournier's freedom in exchange for Ulysse. In her frantic race against the clock to find the boy and keep him safe and sound, Adele risks losing what is most precious to her.

Episode 77 – The Heirs - Part 1
While away a few days for a seminar in the countryside, the team finds a pregnant woman by the side of the road, unconscious and severely wounded. Her body has been marked with a symbol. It is the symbol used in the local vineyards to indicate when a bad plant should be uprooted. The vineyard owners don't know the young woman, but they have been victims of incessant harassment for months. Someone seems to have a vengeance against them, and apparently sees a link between them and the young victim. That person's anger appears to be getting more and more violent.

Episode 78 – The Heirs - Part 2
The team is caught in the middle of a hostage crisis. Claire, an extremely unstable young woman, seeks revenge for an old wound. Realizing that Claire desperately needs to speak out and be heard, Adele manages to get her to tell her story. What she reveals sheds new light upon the murder of Emeline, the young pregnant woman found on the edge of the vineyards. Adele is determined to make the guilty party pay for those crimes.

Episode 79 – Homeland
A man falls off a bridge to his death. The suicide hypothesis is set aside when the criminal investigation team discovers it was actually a methodically planned murder - and that it's not the first time tragedy has struck on that bridge. Thirty years earlier, a friend of the victim committed suicide at that exact same spot. History repeating itself. Adele is convinced that the key to solving the crime lies within that troubled past. And it won't be long before she wakes up its ghosts...

Episode 80 – In Flesh and Blood
Rocher gets a call from an old friend who owns a boxing club. Paul, one of his coaches, was found dead, right in the middle of the boxing ring, with the lights on. Clement, the boxer Paul had been coaching, was just about to win the regional championship. Could the competitive spirit have pushed the athlete too far? But Clement was also the victim's younger brother, and as Adele soon discovers, their unusual family history might have everything to do with Paul's death.

Episode 81 – Intimate Conviction - Part 1
The team at police headquarters investigates a horrific massacre: the assassination of an entire family. One of their hands was cut off and a ring was slipped into the mother's mouth. Adele and Rocher are able to trace the origin of the jewel back to an old case where a student was murdered by her philosophy professor in similar circumstances. The guilty party has been in jail for 15 years, but he is a frightening and charismatic man. Could he have orchestrated these new murders from his prison cell?

Episode 82 – Intimate Conviction - Part 2
Adele and Rocher are surprised to be called to the scene of a suicide. Stephanie Pleskof, 53, has hung herself in her own home. But in the back of the apartment lies another corpse: the body of her daughter Lea, reported missing since 2014. Did Lea's return provoke a dispute? Did Stephanie kill her daughter before she committed suicide?

Episode 83 – Burnout
The charred corpse of a former doctor, barred from practice years ago, is found dead in his own home. Revenge upon a shady practitioner? Not so sure. Our investigators find out that Dr. Grandet saved several teenagers from a burning car fifteen years ago. Adele is convinced the murderer's criminal method must be linked to that event. But can her judgement still be trusted? The shadow of Argos has re-emerged in her life through his lawyer, who has been putting pressure on her, and could very well succeed in setting the psychopath free. Confronted with the demons of her past, Adele is showing frightening signs of chronic stress.

Episode 84 – Vertigo
Rocher finds Adele with the dead body of Argos' lawyer. Adele claims she is innocent, but each new piece of evidence seems to incriminate her more. And yet, the investigation is quickly leading to another hypothesis: someone may have killed the lawyer to make sure the terrible secrets he'd discovered about Argos' past would never be revealed. As they follow their leads to find the true psychopath, our heroes realize all too late that they have been steered into a dreadful trap that is relentlessly closing in on Adele.


Up to 26% of market share on TF1 Prime Time
A peak of 10M viewers for the Last Season

Sold into 85 territories

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