Campers in Paradise 45 to 50

Camping Paradis - Épisodes 45 à 50

SERIES 6 x 90' in a series totalizing 50 episodes


Stop by the Paradise Camping Grounds, you'll have a lot of fun and a memorable stay!

Directed by



Laurent Ournac (Campers in Paradise 1, 2 and 3)
Princess Erika
Thierry Heckendorn


JLA Productions with the participation of TF1, RTL-TVI and TSR

2015 / Original language: French / Color

When he takes over the family campsite after his parents' death, Tom has no idea what to expect.
On the alert for undercover tour guide inspectors, trying to identify a baby’s father or dealing with a man who claims to be the co-owner of the site, Tom has to make sure the campers enjoy their vacations. And his staff — Rosy at reception, Xavier at the bar, Amandine in water sports and André in maintenance- are not always a great help.
Stop by the Paradise Camping Grounds, you'll have a lot of fun and a memorable stay!


Episode 45: Kids Camp
Nicolas, a camp counselor, shows up at the campsite with a group of kids and waits impatiently for the new counselor they've called in at the last minute to replace him and his father, who's just had an accident. What a shock when his sister Adele shows up. It's been so long since they even spoke to each other. Could she be coming back now to try to take over the family business, the kids camp that Nicolas has devoted himself to 100% for so many years by his father's side?
Caroline and her son Paul come to the campsite and wait to meet up with Paul's big sister Manon, who has been away for several months studying abroad. Manon shows up earlier than expected and has a private talk with her mom: she's fed up with pretending to be Paul's big sister. Once and for all, she wants to tell him that she is his real mother, and have him live with her.

Episode 46: A Family with No Parents
It's an emotional moment for Tom welcoming Lucie and her family to the campsite in the wake of her recent parents' death. Lucie has custody of her little sister Camille and brother Simon, who has gone completely silent since the funeral. Tom has to face the arrival of their aunt and uncle, who have decided to ask to be the legal guardians of the two younger kids, still minors.
Tom also has to manage his team as it deals with the arrival of Mrs. Vernon, an inspector who has come to check the campsite. She's strong, authoritative and doesn't miss a thing. Just then, Tom discovers he has a look-alike, which obviously creates some unexpected mishaps. Talk about bad timing!

Episode 47: Camp Mystery
Tom welcomes Alexandre, who he hasn't seen in 10 years, and meets his wife Sonia, who is expecting. Sonia confesses to Tom that she has secretly invited Alexandre's father Eric, though they haven't been on speaking terms in years, in the hopes of reconciling them before the baby is born. How will Alexandre react when he is put on the spot?
Audrey's cousin David, a best-selling author of books for teens, comes to the camp looking for inspiration. He meets a young fan named Charlie who is convinced that David is his father.

Episode 48 - Three Dads and a Mom
Juliette, who has been on vacation at the campsite with her kids, has to hand them over to their respective fathers Marco and Jean before her new boyfriend Jeremie shows up to introduce her to his daughter.
But the timing doesn't quite work out right. When Marco and Jean show up and find Juliette with Jeremie, they decide to stay! So Juliette has to juggle with two ex-husbands and her children as she deals with her new partner and his daughter, who isn't very happy to meet her.
Tom is surprised to welcome back Gilles, who hasn't been around in a long time. Gilles proudly introduces Tom to his new girlfriend Lydia. They've come to the campsite for their first romantic vacation together. Problem is, Gilles wasn't expecting his mother Michele to show up and follow them around all day long. But truth be told, is Gilles' mother the only one having a hard time cutting the umbilical cord?
Xavier is totally depressed. Amandine has broken up with him.

Episode 49 - The Good Old Camping Days
Tom's buddies from childhood vacation are meeting up for a reunion. Everyone is surprised when Elodie, the only woman in the gang, who they haven't heard from in 18 years, organizes the get-together. But they are even more stunned when her daughter Lea, exactly 18, shows up in her place.
Mathilde and Antoine come to the campsite. Antoine has had a stroke and suffered memory loss. Mathilde feels totally guilty about it because she thinks she is responsible for the shock. She had asked for a divorce, just before telling him what she doesn't dare admit to him today. But is Antoine really telling the truth? Some of his memories seem to be coming back.
Xavier thinks Adele is in love with him, and she thinks the same of him. But they actually detest each other!

Episode 50 - Miss Camping
Stephane has decided to use his camping trip at Tom's to make an official announcement to his daughter Marion, two years after her mom's death: he is creating a new life with her mom's best friend Beatrice, who happens to be there at the campsite.
Simon is determined to win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend Elsa, who has come on a camping vacation with Murielle. Elsa can't figure out how to tell him that Murielle is her new partner, the person she left him for.
When organization of the Miss Camping contest gets under way, Adele and Audrey insist on gender equality. This year it's going to be Miss and Mister Camping!

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