Leo Mattei, Special Unit - Ep. 11 to 34

Leo Mattei, Brigade des Mineurs - Episodes 11 Ă  34

SERIES 23 x 52'' in a series totalizing 34 episodes



Directed by

Tristan Aurouet (The Secret Adventures of Gustav Klopp)

Ludovic Colbeau-Justin (The Lion, Hunted, Léo Mattéi, No Limit, Rolling to You as cinematographer, Just one look)

David Morley (S.J.U Special Juvenil Unit, No Limit Season 2, Mutants)


Jean-Luc Reichmann
Mathilde Lebrequier
Maira Schmitt
Alexandre Achdjian
Xavier Mathieu
Florence Maury (The Tuche Family)
Stéphane Boucher
Samira Lachhab (No Second Chance)
Catherine Marchal (MR 73, Elite Squad)
Sagamore Stévenin
Solène Hébert


Big Band Story, Papillonnons, LGM Films and TF1

Delivery: completed

2019 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

When children are in danger, they're here to protect them.

Leo Mattei, captain of the Paris Juvenile Protection Unit. Highly trained and deeply compassionate, but above all, totally committed to the safety and well-being of kids and teens. And when he needs to bend the law for them, he does.
Leo Mattei’s fast-paced, emotionally charged investigations explore a vast array of issues faced by kids and their families, in today's world.


Episode 11 "Back to the Past"
The skeleton of a 12-year-old girl is dug up in the woods of Vincennes. The body seems to have been buried for three years. It could correspond to the profiles of three different girls. One of them is Mattei's daughter, who went missing three years ago.

Episode 12 "Free Generation"
A 16-year-old young woman runs away barefoot in the middle of the night, and then faints.
She is brought to a hospital. Her undergarments are missing and she has marks and bruises from being hit. She was probably a rape victim.

Episode 13 "One Angry Man"
Guillard, a cop in the Organized Crime Division, digs up a bag full of banknotes in the middle of the forest and discovers the corpse of a young girl. Though devastated, he buries it all up again, looking determined.
At the same time, the Juvenile Unit calls him. His girlfriend's son has just attacked a fellow student with a combat knife. Furious, Guillard rushes to unit headquarters to get the teen released. Under pressure from this respected cop, Mattei agrees to let the kid go, but decides to secretly investigate Guillard, who seems to have something to hide.

Episode 14 "Ripped Apart"
Lucie Dervin is a happy mother. Until one afternoon, taking her daughter Iris to the park next door, Lucie watches her daughter get kidnapped.
Police manage to arrest the abductor, who claims that Iris is her own daughter, kidnapped at birth from the clinic where she had the baby. The case goes to the Special Juvenile Unit. What family does Iris belong to - Dervin or Mosquera? Mattei and his team find themselves dealing with the most sensitive investigation they have ever had.

Episode 15 "Out of Control"
Leo Mattei and his team are in charge of finding the aggressors of a young teen violently beaten up in a park by a gang of kids. Unfortunately, there are no leads and no links between the different victims they find. The Juvenile Unit wonders if he was attacked by teens engaged in Happy Slapping, the new trend of beating up people who pass on the street while filming it all for the Internet.

Episode 16 "Crime of Birth"
Cyril Aubin, a teen with a clean record, gets violently attacked at home during an attempted robbery. Problem is, Mattei and his team soon wonder if a thief actually broke in to Cyril's house. Mattei immediately suspects Cyril's father of child abuse, while Jeanne questions the teen's mental health and wonders if he is schizophrenic, dangerous to himself and others. Mattei has very little time to solve the case before the court commits Cyril to an institution.

Episode 17 "At Evil's Mercy" Part 1
Leo Mattei gets a strange call from Quentin, son of his former neighbors back when he was living a happy family life. Breathless and terrified, the young man mentions Mattei's daughter Eloise, kidnapped eight years earlier. Mattei rushes off to Marseille to help Quentin and figure out what he was trying to say - only to find him murdered on the beach. Joining forces with Olivia Riviere, head of Marseille's Juvenile Protection Unit, Mattei soon finds out that Quentin's death is linked to the abduction of an eight-year-old girl named Clemence. Could the kidnapping of that girl and his own daughter be related?

Episode 18 "At Evil's Mercy" Part 2
Overwhelmed to have finally found his daughter, Mattei faces the double challenge of coming to terms with a young woman traumatized by eight years of captivity. Eloise, now 16, has been manipulated for years by a man who called himself David. Though she is finally free, her captor is still at large. It's a race against the clock for Mattei and Olivia, who have to find him before it's too late. Eloise is still under the influence of her captor. Can her father get her to listen to reason?

Episode 19 “A Question of Taste”
Apprentice chefs at a hotel school in Marseille prepare to take important exams that will determine their future studies. But one student, Aurore Perrier, doesn't show up for the test. Her corpse is found in the walk-in cold room. Murder or suicide? Mattei and Olivia dive into the case and discover a world of pitiless hierarchy, a reign of terror dominated by discipline and humiliation.

Episode 20 “Follow the Stars”
Amazing 13-year-old dance prodigy Mona disappears right in the middle of auditions for the the prestigious dance company of the Marseille National Ballet. The circumstances are particularly troubling: she is kidnapped from her own bedroom at night. Olivia and Mattei investigate the incredibly competitive world Mona lives in, but also take an interest in her family - a family scarred by the tempestuous divorce of her parents. Could the kidnapper have been driven by love or jealousy?

Episode 21 “On the Line”
5-year-old Louis is kidnapped on the beach in plain sight of his helpless mother. The kidnapper escapes in a delivery truck. The Juvenile Protection Unit is immediately put on the case. Mattei and Olivia trace the vehicle, but when they find it, the child and kidnapper are nowhere to be found. The investigation leads them to a community center where a certain Maurice Lafarge runs a social program to help young people get back on their feet. During the center's radio show, a mysterious listener calls in to announce that he has the child - and that his vengeance will be terrifying.

Episode 22 “Sugar Daddy”
15-year-old Axelle is found in her home, lying lifeless on the floor from an overdose. Her body has been horribly beaten. It doesn't take long for Juvenile Protection Unit detectives to find the culprit. But the scene isn't at all what they imagined it to be. The young man was acting on behalf of his sister, who wanted revenge on Axelle for having "stolen her boyfriend". A simple case of love rivals? Not so sure. Especially when they find out the boyfriend in question was actually a married man named Marc playing sugar daddy to seduce underage girls.

Episode 23 “The Flip Side of the Coin” Part 1
David's trial puts pressure on Mattei and his daughter Eloise. Mattei has to support her and endure all the revelations that come out of court proceedings, while David does everything he can to infuriate him. At the same time, Mattei also has to take on a difficult investigation at the Juvenile Protection Unit.
One of the unit's detectives learns that a 9-year old boy named Victor has just had an overdose while playing in his school courtyard. Why would someone have tried to poison the young boy? Otherwise, how could a kid that age get hold of those drugs?

Episode 24 “The Flip Side of the Coin” Part 2
Mattei is arrested for the murder of David. But the situation gets even more complex. DNA found on the scene of the crime points to a new suspect: his daughter Eloise! Could she be the one who killed David? That's what Captain Hassoun in the crime division thinks. But Mattei is convinced it's not her. He can't believe his daughter could be a murderer - and he'll stop at nothing to prove it. His investigation leads him to new discoveries about his daughter's tormentor. What if there were other victims?

Episodes 25 & 26 - On the Dark Side
Teenager Hugo Delage dies while diving in the Calanques National Park of Cassis. A simple accident? The Juvenile Protection Unit is immediately put on the case. They soon find out that Hugo wasn't alone on top of the cliff. What if someone pushed him off? While investigating, Mattei catches up with an old friend, Karine Legrand, manager of the equestrian club where Hugo spent all his spare time. A love story begins to grow, all too soon crippled by the inevitable suspicions that weigh upon her.
Eloise has been found guilty and assigned to live in a juvenile detention center. Mattei is worried, given how destructive his daughter's behavior can be and knowing that the slightest slip could land her in prison.

Episodes 27 & 28 - Blood Ties
A ten-year-old boy is found covered in blood. Apparently, he was the sole witness of a shoot out involving his father, who claims to have killed his wife's boss in self-defense. To find out the truth, Mattei has to get the child to talk. With the use of music, he manages to win his trust. Little by little, the boy opens up... and seems terrorized by his father. What could this man who seems like such a loving and devoted father possibly be hiding? Will Alice, the boy's mother, finally break the silence that the family has fallen into? Meanwhile, Eloise has been released from the juvenile center. Determined to take control of her life, she finds a job babysitting a four-year-old named Ethan. It's not long before the unique relationship she develops with the boy reveals issues she has repressed. After everything she's been through, is Eloise really capable of handling this child?

Episodes 29 & 30 - The Silence of The Sea
A young swimmer from the Cassis Aquatics Club who's been doing open-sea training is found drowned in a coastal inlet. The autopsy reveals that he suffered deadly blows to the head. Leo Mattei and the Crimes Against Children squad delve into the dark underside of the quest for medals and glory, revealing the dangerous hold unscrupulous adults have over budding champions.

Episodes 31 & 32- A Youthful Mistake
Leo Mattei and his squad investigate the murder of a disabled boy who lived with a foster family that specializes in caring for handicapped children. The primary suspect is a young girl with Down's Syndrome who's being raised by the same family, but Mattei is convinced she's being manipulated by her adoptive parents. The inspector is determined to unearth the secrets hidden away behind the boy's killing.

Episodes 33 & 34- Childhood Wounds
When a young gypsy is stabbed to death in a park in Marseille, the police discover he was having a secret relationship with a shy teenage girl whose family runs an offbeat spiritual healing movement. Leo Mattei and his squad try to figure out what the youngsters' Romeo and Juliette romance was covering up. The police dig into the secrets of the movement's charismatic leader, a former scientist who claims he can heal desperately ill people.


Episodes 19 to 24

Average of 4.83 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 23.1% market share 4+
and 19.1% market share Housewives

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"Episode full of emotion with a captivating script. Great suspense."

"Endearing and believable stories"

"Plots with powerful suspense highlighted with touching moments."

"Well-made series, fast pace and totally believable stories"

"Powerful and well-constructed episodes"

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