A Wonderful Family - Season 13

Une famille formidable - Saison 13

SERIES 6 x 52' in a series totalizing 44 episodes


24 Years of Joy and Tears!

Directed by

Joël Santoni


Anny Duperey (A Wonderful Family)
Bernard Le Coq (The Flower of Evil, A Wonderful Family)
BĂ©atrice Agenin
Jennifer Lauret (Julie Lescaut, A Wonderful Family),
Kamel Belghazi (A Wonderful Family, Secrets of State)
Alexandre Thibault
CĂ©cile Caillaud
Geoffrey Sauveaux


Panama Productions, PM Holding

2016 / Original language: French / Color

The Beaumonts are back for their thirteenth season!

The Beaumont family has weathered many storms, but this time they have to deal with illness. Reine gets sick. It's cancer. Her chances of survival are slim.
The family rises to the challenge with dignity, compassion and a touch of humor. After all, the world hasn't stopped turning: Jacques struggles to grow his food truck business in Lisbon, Marie and Claire get a divorce, Julien meets up with his long-lost brother Bruno, and the youngest find out what it's like to share a rental.

Get ready for adventure, laughs and tears!


Episode 39: "Big News" Part 1

Having lived in Lisbon for a year now, Catherine and Jacques Beaumont seem to be settled in and happy. Jacques' food truck has become unbelievably successful. Catherine even has to pitch in with Sylvain to help manage the flood of customers! But the price of success is jealousy: neighboring restaurant owner Mercier complains to officials about the truck being parked across the street and the loss of business he has suffered. Jacques gets furious and the rivalry between the two chefs flares.
The war Jacques wages against his rival becomes so extreme that Catherine can hardly stand it. Mercier cancels his regular bread order from Jose and Jeremie's bakery, but Jacques refuses to be blackmailed into submission. Catherine quits her job as waitress and Jacques is back to square one, alienated by his family.
Reine is living a dream life with Rafael, who fits in with the family perfectly. In a few weeks, they will get married and take a trip to Reunion Island with the whole family to celebrate the wedding. Their life together in their magnificent new villa is pure happiness.
Reine accidentally falls in the stairwell at her house. She gets medical exams to make sure there is nothing serious. After seeing a rheumatologist a few times, she gets terrible news: she has cancer! Stunned, Rafael and Reine decide to do further tests to find out how advanced the illness is and prepare for treatment. They wait to get results before telling the family.
Jacques convinces Helena to come help at the food truck with Sylvain.
Meanwhile, Marie comes to stay with Helena, who already has Nicolas and Lucas living with her, and announces she is getting a divorce. But her wife Claire, furious, has followed her to Lisbon to demand they talk it over. Marie refuses and pushes her away. As the days go by, Claire becomes more and more insistent and the tension between the two women reaches its peak. Claire gets more and more aggressive in her refusal to accept that Marie has left her.
Reine returns to the doctor, who informs her that her cancer is incurable. Her days are numbered. She wanders through Lisbon.
Convinced that Mercier has poisoned one of his customers, Jacques reports a fake gas leak to get a massive team of firemen to rush into his rival's restaurant. Outraged by Jacques' sheer madness, Sylvain and Helena quit. Jacques tries to convince his two sons to come help him run the food truck, but their refusal is definitive.
Jeremie has a tough time tolerating the Beaumonts' constant presence at Helena's.
Jacques loses the war against Mercier. He has to find a new parking place for his food truck. Abandoned by everyone, he gets the idea of agreeing to adopt Julien.
Reine finds Catherine at the Beaumonts', planning to tell her the truth about her cancer, but she gets interrupted by the arrival of family from Alsace. Fred, still in a wheelchair, has come to deliver news that she is pregnant. She needs Catherine's advice. Will she be able to take on the responsibility of a baby in her condition? Catherine is wild with joy and reassures her.
Faced with the happy announcement of a new baby, Reine quietly leaves the scene without having been able to speak to Catherine about her illness.

Episode 40: "Big News" Part 2

Rafael manages to convince Reine to fight back and undergo heavy chemotherapy. But at the very beginning of treatment, she breaks down, incapable of following through.
Julien learns that Jacques has decided to adopt him. Very moved and happy, he runs to tell Audrey, who gives him a royal slap across the face and leaves him. Jacques meets with him at the food truck's new parking spot and offers him a job. Julien ends up accepting. To celebrate, "father and son" go out for a night on the town.
Reine meets Catherine for dinner. She finally confesses that she has cancer and is refusing treatment. A moment of overwhelming emotion for both.
At breakfast, Catherine tells Jacques about Reine. No one else must know. Jacques is filled with anguish from this awful news. Catherine has Julien inform the family that Reine and Rafael's marriage will be just a small ceremony without them, and that the wedding party trip to Reunion Island is cancelled. Jacques doesn't have the courage to go see Reine.
Claire barges into Helena's again. Marie throws her out with an iron hand. Meanwhile, Jacques finds Sylvain and convinces him to come back to work at the food truck.
After a night out, Jeremie runs into Claire, who looks crushed. Touched by her suffering, he invites her to stay the night at his place. Claire seduces him and they sleep together. In the early morning, Jeremie is arrested on charges of rape from Claire.
To get him out of jail, Marie has to accept to see Claire. But she secretly records Claire admitting the truth - and gets rid of her once and for all.
Reine comes to have lunch at the food truck by the port. Jacques welcomes her. A huge emotional moment for both. He promises that he will be there for her, right to the very end.
The next day, there is an accidental fire in the food truck. Total panic. Jacques finally finds the fire extinguisher, but he throws it into the port. The three of them watch silently as the truck burns to the ground.
Julien ends up learning that his adoption request was refused.
Reine and Rafael finally get married. A small wedding, according to Reine's wishes. However, the entire family, including Christine and Samai, surprise them and show up anyway. Reine is very touched. She spends the evening celebrating with everybody, without mentioning her illness.
The family convinces Reine to go on the trip to Reunion Island after all.

Episode 41: "The Family Hike" Part 1

The family travels to Reunion Island.
Reine passes out and is taken to the hospital. Catherine and Rafael tell Ghislain about Reine's state of health.
Everyone gets together at the hotel for a welcome party for the newlyweds.
Ghislain proposes they all go on a big hike through the island's mountains, while Reine, Rafael, Catherine, Fred and Manon stay behind at the hotel.
The next day, they set out for the family hike under Ghislain's guidance.
Marie-Rose learns that Reine is sick. With Rafael's agreement, she takes them to consult a healer named Madame Vimelda. In a trance state, Reine speaks to her son Sebastien. Madame Vimelda concocts a very unusual treatment for her.
The hikers enjoy the breathtaking landscapes. Fred, helped by Catherine and Manon, tries out her new aquatic chair.
Coming through a clearing, the hikers are confronted by a certain Ernest Roubignaud, who threatens them with a saber and demands to know who dared to slap his son in the face. While they were preparing for the hike, the boy had tried to steal Nourredine's glasses. Ernest threatens to get even.
Upon their arrival at the first lodge, the hikers are welcomed by Martial Roubignaud, the grandfather of the kid who got slapped, who is delighted to hear his grandson was taught a lesson. After a few family discussions, everyone heads off to sleep.
Back at the hotel, Manon discovers Reine asking for chicken blood. On the recommendation of Madame Vimelda, Reine swallows the strange drink and again goes into a trance. She sees Sebastian again. Catherine rushes to the aid of Rafael, who is totally overwhelmed by the situation. Madame Vimelda also comes to help calm Reine down.
Someone has robbed the hikers during the night. Jacques is convinced the Roubignaud family has done it. Martial throws them out at gunpoint, talking about Sitarane's revenge.
The hikers go on their way. But someone is spying on them…

Episode 42: "The Family Hike" Part 2

The hikers share a magical moment in the magnificent beauty of the island's mountaintops.
Reine seems to have found new strength. She has never felt so good. Catherine remains skeptical, but does what she can to support her well-being. Reine lives life to the fullest - paragliding, deep-sea diving with turtles...
The hikers are convinced they are being followed by Roubignaud. They come to the lodge of Rika, an eccentric Dutch woman. After eating cake with a bit of local herbs in it, the hikers relax and let go. Jeremie confides in Gina.
Back at the hotel, Reine is amazingly full of energy. Manon attributes it to the chicken blood, which makes Catherine furious. But after one last visit with Madame Vimelda, everyone is convinced that Reine has been completely cured.
Up in the mountains, Ghislain falls on a rock while swimming, gets amnesia and acts as if he was a kid again. During the swim, a silhouette steals the hikers' socks.
Catherine, pressured by Manon and Fred, finally confesses the truth about Reine to her daughters.
Ghislain's amnesia persists. Without a guide, the hikers try to call for help, but Jeremy is the only one with a phone and it runs out of battery. They chance upon a refuge. They'll have to survive there. Marie goes to Helena's side. Jeremie feels abandoned.
Catherine admits to Reine that she has told her daughters everything. Reine is totally convinced that she has been cured.
The hikers are attacked during the night. They barricade the villain, and dawn discover it is none other than… Claire! Ghislain snaps back to consciousness and disarms Claire. An emergency team finally arrives.
At the hotel, everyone gets back together for the final dinner! They celebrate happiness and life. Suddenly, Reine falls sick again.

Episode 43: "Against Each Other" Part 1

Back to Lisbon. Jacques and Catherine wait for Christine and Samai at the airport to take them to Reine. Tension is high between Samai and his mother.
Reine's health has deteriorated fast. The doctors don't think she has much time left. Rafael decides to take her home, so that she can spend her last days there.
Catherine suffers from the news. The kids have decided to stay in Lisbon with their parents, and Fred will give birth there.
At Helena's, relations between roommates get increasingly tense.
Audrey returns to Lisbon from India and gets back together with Julien. She can't live without him. She reproaches Jacques for never having wanted to adopt him.
Reine returns home. She wishes that the female guitar player seen in the first episode could come to her. Pressure continues to build between Christine and Samai. Catherine goes to see Reine, who asks for her support. She wants to choose the time of her own death, and asks her friend to help. Catherine refuses to participate in her plans for euthanasia.
Vig, alias Bruno, Julien's brother, comes to Lisbon for a book-signing of his latest comic book. Jose, a huge fan of the artist, finds out that the comic is about the Beaumonts, and above all, his love for the "wife of his brother."
Manon and Jean-Philippe show up and move in with Helena. Lucas wants chores to be divided up equally, for the benefit of all. Shopping, cleaning, etc....
Jacques wants to set up a reunion for the two brothers. Julien is violently opposed.
Catherine organizes a get-together for the Beaumont's at Reine's house. Reine has been becoming more and more despondent. Rafael has found the lady guitarist. Only Helena is missing. Everyone says their goodbyes to Reine.
At Helena's, living in close quarters doesn't help things, especially since the more obsessive ones in the group (Lucas and Jean-Philippe) can't tolerate the others' lax attitudes. Tension mounts as everyone tries to impose their personal demands upon the community.
Rafael goes to see Helena to find out why she hasn't come to see Reine - and reproaches her for it.
Jacques is determined to reconcile Julien and Bruno. He sets up a reunion lunch, which throws Audrey off-balance. But the brothers finally get back together! Vig comes back to the Beaumonts.
Reine is fed up with the tension between Christine and Samai. She asks her to remain head of the foundation another three years, until Samai has reached majority.
Helena walks in on Jean-Philippe and Manon at a very intimate moment!

Episode 44: "Against Each Other" Part 2

Helena finally musters up the courage to call Reine.
Audrey is troubled by Bruno's presence and confesses to Fred. She is afraid of her own instincts!
Reine tells Catherine how worried she is about her relationship with Samai. She insists that Catherine take charge of the foundation for three years, until Samai reaches majority. Catherine finally accepts. She talks it over with Jacques.
Manon suggests that she and the other female roommates find a better way to organize intimate issues and avoid bad surprises. Helena buys a red scarf - that will be the signal.
Catherine takes care of Reine while Rafael, Christine and Samai go to Paris to change the foundation's by-laws.
For Reine, the time to leave has come. She is at peace. Reine asks Catherine to give her the two vials, to help her die. Overwhelmed, Catherine accepts and prepares the lethal potion.
Reine takes her final rest.
Everyone prepares to go to the funeral, except for Helena.
Reine's burial. The whole family is present. Some have even come from Reunion Island. They all tell a story and talk about how much they loved Reine. Catherine doesn't have the courage to go to the reception at Rafael's.
The next day, Catherine disappears from the house. She wanders around Lisbon, full of self-reproach for what she did to Reine. She confides in Paule about how lost she feels.
Jacques finds her on the banks of the Tagus River. Catherine confesses that she helped Reine go. Jacques commends her for her courage, a true act of love, and asks her to hang on to the living - and the newborn soon to arrive!
Before Christine and Samai leave, Jacques offers to take Catherine to a dance party for the whole family - a party organized by Helena in memory of Reine.
Everyone dances together, to the tune of the "Blue Danube Waltz."

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