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The Mysteries of Providence

Les énigmes de Providence

SERIES 26 x 26'

A huge success on TF1! Market shares of 48.8% on children 4-10 and 45.2% on children 4-14 years-old

Directed by

Eric Berthier


TF1, Protecrea, Banco Production, Melusine Productions and Animation Enterprises

2001 / Original language: French & English / Color / Stereo

Sometimes you only need to take a few steps down a dark alley to step into an unknown world. Welcome to The Mysteries of Providence.

Behind their usually charming and smiling manners, every citizen of the small town of Providence hides a secret duality, a dark side which inevitably leads to strange and supernatural phenomena.

It's then up to Oscar, Kate and Martin, our heroic trio, to investigate and find the truth.

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