Le triporteur de Belleville

MINI SERIES 2 x 102'

1940. A Jewish soldier from Belleville finds friendship, love and adventure in German-occupied France...
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Based on the novel by Daniel Goldenberg

Directed by

Stéphane Kurc


Lorant Deutsch
Mathias Mlekuz
Romane Bohringer
Aladin Reibel
Michel Jonasz


Nelka Films

2005 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

France, 1940. Victor, a young Jewish soldier from popular Paris quarter of Belleville, shares the hardships of defeat and flight with a southerner named Mirande. Though dissimilar in background, the two ex-combatants share the same resourcefulness and sense of humor. But the friends are separated when Victor is taken prisoner by the Germans, while Mirande slips through the enemy net. Sent to a transit camp, Victor is literally reduced to being the slave of its Nazi commander, Braumann. While Mirande tries unsuccessfully to liberate him, Victor makes good his own escape disguised in a priest's cassock and finds refuge on the farm of Marie Chabaud. They become lovers, until the day the young woman's brother-in-law denounces him. With Mirande's aid, Victor arranges to be smuggled into the Unoccupied Zone in the south along with other fugitives. Their road is full of danger and terror, but also moments of high spirits and optimism.


More than 7.2 Millions viewers on France 2.

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