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MINI SERIES 2 x 52' and more to come


My name is Emma. I am brilliant, strong and fast. I am the perfect cop. But I can't have any emotion, Why ?

Manon Dillys (Doc Martin, Candice Renoir, Queens of the Ring, Desperate Parents) and Sébastien Le Délézir (Life’s So Sweet)

Directed by

Alfred Lot (A Spot of Bother, Melody's Smile)


Patrick Ridremont (Penny Pincher)
Solène Hébert
Slimane Yefsah
Sabrina Seyvecou (My Way, Outside the Law)
Vanessa Larré


Mandarin Télévision ( A Very Secret Service )

Delivery: 2 episodes now available and more to come

2014 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

Because of his outstanding work ethic and performance, detective Fred Vitulo has been selected to take on a new trainee: Emma. Her intellect and strength quickly amaze Fred and his team. But her behavior is strange. Always rational, brutally honest, Emma never displays any fear, even in the most chilling moments. Intrigued by her awkward social interaction, Fred wonders if she suffers from a personality disorder. He confronts his superior and discovers the shocking truth: Emma is part of a top-secret defense program. She is a cutting edge AI android, programmed to assist police forces. Initially furious at having been deceived, Fred can’t help but be fascinated by Emma’s potential. He takes it upon himself to train her and teach her the essence of his job: the intuition, empathy and instinct that make a good cop great. With each investigation, Fred and Emma form an impressive investigative team and he is surprised at how easily Emma starts to develop unexpected empathy, reactions not programmed into her system. But how far can this go? Will a machine ever learn true humanity? And if so, does it means she has a past?


Emma Faure is the new trainee in captain Fred Vitulo homicide investigation unit in Versailles. The young woman quickly displays superior abilities. But aside from being startlingly precise and competent in her forensic analysis of a crime scene, her behaviour puzzles her colleagues. Nothing seems to move or destabilize her. Initially intrigued by her increasingly curious demeanour, Fred soon becomes suspicious and investigates her background, only to find out that Emma Faure has been dead for months. When Fred demands the truth from his superiors, he discovers something that will rock his world.

When an overachieving med student’s corpse is found in a pond near his school, his death looks like a drowning accident on a drunken night. But Captain Fred Vitulo and Emma soon realize that behind the scenes, the medical school hides a ruthless world of pressure and competition, where the students will stop at nothing to reach their career goals. When Emma finds a video showing the young man’s drowning filmed with his phone and automatically uploaded to the cloud, she and Fred know that this was no accident. And that the killer was very likely among the victim’s inner circle


La Rochelle Fiction TV Festival


"An intriguing duo” – “ Classical thrillers are over.”

"This suspenseful cop series is a real first"

"Emma avoids futurist gadgets. Fiction stays close to reality."
"Delightful dialogue"
Le Figaro

"Emma hinges on the gap between human reality and cold technological analysis."
La Libre Belgique



- Bible
- Arch of season 1
- Scripts and detailed treatment for the 8th episode

Click on the pdf file :

  Emma - concept vang.pdf

  Emma - Arch Season 1 - VANG.pdf

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