A Love to Hide

Un amour à taire


A young Jewish woman and two homosexual lovers resist jealousy, betrayal, deportation and death in German-occupied France

Directed by

Christian Faure (The Poisoner, A Love to Hide)


Jérémie Rénier (Summer Hours, Lorna s Silence, The Child - European Film Awards nominee for Best Actor)
Louise Monot
Charlotte de Turckheim (Poor Rich Folks)
Nicolas Gob
Bruno Todeschini (Delicacy)


Merlin Productions - FRANCE 2

2004 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

Paris 1942. Sara Morgenstern, a young Jewish woman whose family has just been massacred by the Gestapo, finds refuge working in the family-owned laundry of Jean Lavandier, a long-time vacation friend she has always loved. But Jean loves Philippe and their relationship, in these darkest hours of the German Occupation, is just as clandestine and loathsome to both the German occupier and the Vichy government as Sara’s religion.

The delicate balance of their clandestine lives is destroyed by the homecoming of Jean’s rebellious younger brother Jacques, who has just served a prison term for black market activities. Jacques has always been in love with Sara and is prepared to betray his own brother to win her affections....


Luchon TV Film Festival 2005
Special Prize of the Jury, Special Prize of the Public, Best Screenplay, Most promising actress (Louise Monot) and Most promising actor (Nicolas Gob)

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