Leo Mattei, Special Unit - Episodes 7 à 10

Leo Mattei, Brigade des Mineurs - Episodes 7 à 10

SERIES 4 x 52' in a series totalizing 10 episodes


The gritty and breathless investigations of a highly committed cop, in charge of Paris’ Juvenile Protection Unit.

Directed by

Tristan Aurouet (The Secret Adventures of Gustav Klopp)

Ludovic Colbeau-Justin (The Lion, Hunted, Léo Mattéi, No Limit, Rolling to You as cinematographer, Just one look)

David Morley (S.J.U Special Juvenil Unit, No Limit Season 2, Mutants)


Jean-Luc Reichmann


LGM Films, Papillonnons and Big Band Story

2015 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

Leo Mattei, captain of the Paris Juvenile Protection Unit. Highly trained and deeply compassionate, but above all, totally committed to the safety and well-being of kids and teens. And when he needs to bend the law for them, he does.
Leo Mattei’s fast-paced, emotionally charged investigations explore a vast array of issues faced by kids and their families, in today's world.


Episode 7 "Runaway Love"
A teenager suffering from hypothermia goes into a coma after being wounded by an accidental gunshot in the forest a few miles outside Paris. The SJU finds out the boy has a history of troubled and violent behavior. His parents have placed him in a Juvenile Detention Center that uses questionable disciplinary methods.

Episode 8 "Family Secrets"
A seventeen-year old girl jumps out of a window but survives the fall. In the hospital, the teenager, who is seven months pregnant, claims to have been raped and insists on ending the baby's life even though she is far beyond the legal limit. The SJU is called in to clarify the circumstances leading up to her suicide attempt. From the very beginning of the investigation, all the girl's claims seem dubious.

Episode 9 "The End of Innocence"
A live baby is found abandoned in a high school bathroom next to a large puddle of blood. The child belongs to Sophie, a teenager with an impeccable school record, who is quickly identified and located by Mattei and his team. She is rushed to the hospital, where examinations reveal she was a rape victim, though she has no memory of it - and was in denial about being pregnant, having been under the influence of a heavy narcotic.

Episode 10 "On Their Own"
Fourteen-year-old Nicolas gets attacked on the street by a biker. Mattei investigates and finds out that he and his seventeen-year-old sister Laetitia and brother Boubacar have been living on their own for several months. Their mother is gone. Their neighbor Corinne has been helping the kids and acting like their mother so that they won't be sent to an orphanage. To keep them from being separated, Mattei takes them into his own home.

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