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Bright-eyed revenge

La vengeance aux yeux clairs

SERIES 8 x 52' in a series totalizing 8 episodes
Cop/Investigation / Thriller


Returning incognito to the French Riviera years after her family's wrongful death, Olivia gets caught in a treacherous high-society web of ambition, jealousy and betrayal.

Written by Franck Ollivier (Empire of the Wolves, Taxi Brooklyn)

Directed by

David Morley (S.J.U Special Juvenil Unit, No Limit Season 2, Mutants)


Laëtitia Milot (Olivia, Life’s so Sweet, Bright-eyed Revenge, A Baby for Christmas)
Claire Borotra (Birghd-Eyed Revenge, Death List, Vanished By the Lake)
Bernard Yerlès (Buddies, Lovers... Dramas, Foreign Investigations)
Lannick Gautry (Fear by the Lake, The Gilded Cage, Vanished By the Lake)
Clémentine Justine (Profiling)
Benoît Michel (Desperate Parents)
Lola Dewaere (The Target, Bright-eyed revenge, Big is beautiful)


JLA Groupe and TF1

2015 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

Ten years after miraculously surviving the murderous car accident that killed her mother and brother, and secretly taking on a new identity, Olivia returns to the French Riviera to take revenge on the people who assassinated her family. Soon she is face-to-face with the powerful mafia ring corrupting the entire region with rampant crime. Armed with unmatched determination, she succeeds in infiltrating the network by becoming the lawyer of the wealthy Chevalier clan. Doubts and mysterious murders accumulate in the family’s web of lies and betrayals, presided over by the iron fist of their patriarch, Etienne Chevalier. Caught in a dangerous game of double disloyalty, Olivia is convinced they played a part in her family’s murder and has to find out who and why. Carefully calculating every move, Olivia uses her sharp wits to hack into the private lives of her enemies and bring their world crashing down around them. Who will pay for all these murders? When everything you love has been stolen from you, someone has to pay.


Officially dead since the accident that killed her mother and brother, Olivia returns to Nice ten years later, with a new identity and a new face. She finds her childhood friend Maya, and reveals her true intentions to her: she has come back to get revenge upon the person responsible for destroying her family, the powerful local businessman and head of a veritable clan, Etienne Chevalier. A brilliant lawyer, Olivia has no problem getting herself hired by the Lafont law firm that handles Chevalier’s business. With her intelligence, beauty and charm, it’s not long before she gets close to Etienne; and when his chauffeur Ange Milacci is accused of rape, Olivia offers to defend his case. We soon learn that Milacci was involved in the fatal accident that killed Olivia’s mother and brother.

Recognized by Lieutenant Legoff, who worked on the investigation ten years earlier and always suspected it of being a murder, Olivia is forced to confess her true identity to him. Her real name is Emmy Fortuny. She survived the accident. She has come back to get justice. Legoff agrees to keep her secret, even to help her. Together they target the judge who flat-out sabotaged the investigation, Judge Delattre, today a high magistrate of the court in Nice. They find out that Chevalier holds tight reins on him because of a secret: Delattre has an illegitimate daughter. Revealing that could ruin his family life and career. Meanwhile, Olivia rediscovers Alexandre, one of Etienne’s sons, who used to be her boyfriend ten years ago.

In the wake of information leaks Olivia sends out through the internet revealing his ties of corruption to Etienne’s lawyer Lafont, Judge Delattre disappears. Etienne is confronted with a huge dilemma: when he left, Delattre took evidence of wrongdoing with him that could be utterly disasterous for the whole Chevalier clan, in particular for his eldest son, Joris. Olivia sees a unique opportunity to build a strategy to get her hands on the files she needs to throw them all in prison. She manages to secretly set up a way for Delattre and his illegitimate daughter Rose to meet. Unfortunately, the meeting turns sour.

Olivia tries to find out who was really responsible for the accident by pretending to defend Ange’s brother, Pascal Milacci, who also feels threatened. She learns that the real reason for the murder most likely relates to her father, Pierre Fortuny, who was apparently a diamond trafficker in business with Corsicans, and whose death probably wasn’t a deep sea diving accident, but a murder as well. Olivia is overwhelmed with doubt: was she wrong to target Etienne Chevalier? But as she gets closer to Alexander, she discovers why he cut off his ties to the family ten years earlier: he admits he was in the vehicle that crashed into his girlfriend’s car. He even confesses that it was his brother Joris who was responsible. And that it was done on his father’s orders. Olivia decides to accelerate her plan for revenge and targets each of Etienne’s sons, one by one. Beginning with the youngest: Romain.

After dealing with Romain, Olivia decides to set up Alexandre’s return to the family, to stimulate Joris’ pathological jealousy. Her goal: to make Etienne watch as his family crumbles to destruction. She makes a deal with Etienne’s associate Penelope to keep Joris out of family business matters. Knowing he is likely to react violently to being cut out, she tries to push his limits to the breaking point. At the same time, she is troubled by the time she spends with Alexandre and has a hard time fighting her feelings. The situation gets even trickier for Olivia when Etienne confesses he is in love with her.

Olivia manipulates Joris to accuse Alexandre of the murder of a Corsican criminal that he himself committed in a fit of jealousy. But as she expects, Etienne can’t get himself to believe that Alexandre could have done such a thing, and decides that Joris has gone too far. Olivia has the utimate revenge just within reach: Etienne is ready to eliminate his own son. But Etienne comes up with another plan: take advantage of the situation to get rid of his cumbersome Corsican allies and ultimately, spare his son.

Realizing that she is caught in her own trap, and pressed for time, Olivia decides she has to physically eliminate Etienne. To do so, she has to be alone with him, in a legitimate situation of self-defense. To Alexandre’s great disappointment, bitterness and confusion, she accepts Etienne’s marriage proposal and plans to physically eliminate him during their first romantic night together in a luxurious palace on the Riviera. But her plans are thwarted by Joris, who has become murderously hateful of Olivia. Meanwhile, Legoff’s associate Pauline Jordan has started to catch on to who Olivia really is.

On the run after having shot his own father, Joris has only one obsession: to eliminate Olivia. Etienne, now tetraplegic and condemned to a wheelchair, watches his family, his business network and everything he has built over the years crumble to destruction. Given the circumstances, Penelope has to manage daily business matters and reveals to Olivia that she is actually more than just Etienne’s associate; she has also been keeping an eye on his business on behalf of a very powerful financial institution. She asks Olivia to work with her. But Olivia soon learns that her ally may turn out to be her worst enemy.


A successful innovative multi-screen experience

• Average of 6.3 M viewers per ep. on linear TV
• Average of 1.1 M viewers per ep. on non-linear TV
• Over 150.000 ep. sold on VOD across the 4 weeks of linear TV


“Flows so well, so fast, you can't stop watching.”
Télé Z

"Captivating episodes"
Télé Loisirs

“Addictive plot, quick pace, intense suspense and a delightfully ambiguous main character.”
Le Parisien


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