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Marcelino Pan y Vino

Marcelino Pan y Vino

SERIES 52 x 26'

Based on a novel translated into 30 languages and 2 successful feature films
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Directed by

Santiago Moro

Xavier Picard

2004 / Original language: French or English / Color / Stereo

After a popular novel -translated into thirty languages- and two successful feature films, comes the magical story -in a beautifully animated, tender cartoon format- of a new-born baby abandoned on the doorstep of a Franciscan monastery.
The adorable Marcelino is raised by the monks and becomes a curious and candid, sometimes naughty boy. He chats with his friends, Musgo the dog & Zapito the goat, with whom he is always finding adventure. The youngster delights in discovering new things, asking disconcerting, penetrating questions, and recreating his fantasy heros and monsters in the various people he meets, creating an adorable, amusing experience for our young children.



MARCELINO disappears the very day of his sixth birthday. The MONKS are worried sick and call the MOUNTED POLICE to search for him. The MONASTERY ANIMALS are equally concerned and enlist the help of their friends the FOREST ANIMALS. Meanwhile, while every inch of the countryside is being combed; MARCELINO and CANDELA are high above in the sky, visiting a star. MARCELINO may only be dreaming but, he is none the less learning the truth about his mysterious birth. First, it is CANDELA who shares certain
precious details with him. Next, his very own MOTHER, who died when he was just baby, explains his origins. MARCELINO’S initiatory voyage concludes in a little cemetery located near the sea. Here, on a tombstone, MARCELINO sees his MOTHER’S shining face. And at that moment, right beside him, a symbolic flower blooms.
In the end, BONI the majestic eagle finds MARCELINO and brings him home to the monastery. With his new knowledge, the CHILD OF A THOUSAND MOONS decides he is ready to “grow up”.

A group of traveling GYPSIES choose to set up camp on the DUKE’S land. When the DUKE spots the “intruders”, he threatens to evict them. The OLD MATRON GYPSY is offended by the DUKE’S cruel behavior and warns him, “Be careful that your lands don’t become as arid as your heart!”
Through no fault of the OLD WOMAN’s, the DUKE’S fishing pond does indeed dry up. But he is certain that this is because of the OLD WOMAN’S evil curse and he swears vengeance against the GYPSIES. The DUKE frightens them into seeking refuge in the monastery.
MARCELINO and CANDELA set off to discover the true cause of the dry pond and discover that a new beaver dam nearby has cut the pond’s water supply. MARCELINO and CANDELA come up with a plan, and with the help of SPARTACUS the rat and RIBER the beaver, they divert the river into an underground tunnel which feeds the pond.
Meanwhile, on the shores of the pond, the OLD GYPSY recites a bogus spell and at that moment: the waters burst out of the tunnel and fill the pond! Seeing this, the DUKE is convinced of the OLD WOMAN’S powers and flees for fear she may turn them against him again.

BROTHER PROVERB’s nephew JOSE comes to spend Easter vacation at the monastery.
MARCELINO is delighted to have a playmate his own age, but he is soon disappointed.
JOSE’S own parents describe him as “a difficult child”. But he is even worse than that; he is a veritable tornado of trouble; he is dishonest, two faced and hypocritical. JOSE finds his
greatest amusement in putting the blame for his pranks on MARCELINO.
MARCELINO won’t stand for taking the blame unjustly and forces JOSE to take responsibility for his acts. The two BOYS learn that JOSE’S PARENT’S have been abducted by BANDITS. Aided by CANDELA and the FOREST ANIMALS, the two new FRIENDS
leap into action. They unmask the bandits and solve the crime!

MARCELINO is finally old enough to help BROTHER PAP prepare the meals. His first job is to gather blossoms in the forest. Here, he meets his friend KIM, the monkey. While the
impudent MONKEY chases through the forest with MARIA, the daughter of OURO the bandit, MARCELINO disappears beneath the earth and meets a swarm of talking BEES with human faces. The BEES force MARCELINO to give up his basket of leaves and blossoms and in exchange they give him some “special” honey. MARCELINO comes back up to the surface and he feels guilty for having given away the basket of leaves and blossoms. He learns that MARIA, who was following KIM, has fallen from a tree and is in danger of dying.
MARCELINO rushes to the scene and gives his friend some of the “magic honey”. A miracle occurs, MARIA comes back to life! MARCELINO has learned an important lesson: disobedience can occasionally have positive consequences.

MARCELINO has locked himself in the secret tunnel beneath the monastery library, when suddenly a pair of BANDITS burst in searching for a long lost book. MARCELINO overhears the ruthless BANDITS threaten the MONKS, “Hand over the “Book of Eternal
Youth” OR ELSE!” MARCELINO fears for his friend’s lives. HE finds his way to the end of the tunnel and runs into CANDELA. Together, they speed to town and warn the lazy POLICE SERGEANT, but he doesn’t take them seriously. THEY decide to go back to the
monastery and save the BROTHERS, all by themselves. While the BANDITS are stealing from the monastery, the CHILDREN come up with a plan to trick them. The plan is put into action but poor CANDELA is taken prisoner. SHE and the BROTHERS are taken into the cellar and locked in a cell. A terrible leak in the cellar wall is letting water in and our FRIENDS risk drowning, when brave MARCELINO comes to the rescue and captures the bad guys!

Wearing his skis, MARCELINO joins his friend VELETO the stag in the beautiful snowy forest. But soon their promenade in the forest turns into a perilous chase. The DUKE of MUST has organized a hunt and his dogs are scouring the forest. MARCELINO realizes that he must save VELETO from becoming a trophy. He gathers all of the FOREST ANIMALS together and comes up with a plan. The ANIMAL’S try all sorts of tricks, but VELETO is
finally cornered. Trying escape the DUKE, the brave STAG falls into the river and is carried away by the current. The DUKE is furious and blames his favorite fall guy, his majordomo PIERO. The DUKE orders PIERO to go and not come back without the STAG’S majestic antlers. MARCELINO is torn between his desires to help poor PIERO and at the same time, save his friend VELETO. It is DON MATEO who comes up with the solution when he tells MARCELINO that at this time of the year, the STAGS of the forest are losing their great antlers. The DUKE will never know!

MARCELINO goes to the village to see a travelling show presented by SANTIAGO the gypsy, on an outside stage. This is a peculiar show indeed! SANTIAGO’S daughter ANABELLA lights a strange projector pointed at a large white sheet and SANTIAGO appears before the crowd. Once the show begins, he doesn’t leave the stage till the final curtain. The public is transfixed; they are astounded at SATIAGO’S ability to change decor and costumes without ever going backstage. In the mean time, in the village, a mysterious thief is breaking into the homes. That evening, the robber OURO is seen in town and he becomes the prime suspect. MARCELINO finds a reel of film while looking in SANTIAGO’S wagon and is determined to clear the name of his friend OURO.
MARCELINO proves to the POLICE SERGEANT that what the public saw was a movie and that during that time, SANTIAGO was in town stealing. And so ends a real “thriller”.

MARCELINO is growing up and growing out of his private tutoring classes with FATHER PRIOR. He is ambitious and dreams of studying to be a veterinarian like his friend DON MATEO. With tears in their eyes, the MONKS wave goodbye to MARCELINO. He is off to the village for his first day at school and it is going to be a difficult one for him. Mocked by his school mates and punished by the teacher, MARCELINO struggles to find his place
among the students. Soon a conflict breaks out between MARCELINO and ROBERTO, the class bully. In the end, MARCELINO’S relationship with the FOREST ANIMALS makes the difference and he wins the fight with the bully. It’s true that not every child can give a school report on FOREST ANIMALS with the help of the ANIMALS themselves!

MARCELINO is thrilled to be helping DON MATEO give birth to a baby calf when something goes wrong and the situation becomes dangerous for the mother. A second, twin calf is tangled in its umbilical cord. DON MATEO’S dexterity saves the day… and both
animals! Several days later, LUPA the she-wolf is also giving birth. Once again, a complication occurs during delivery. TATA the nightingale rushes to alert MARCELINO. He returns and uses his new skills to save LUPA and her baby who is tangled as the calf was. The problem is that MARCELINO skipped out of school to save the baby. Being a true friend, DON MATEO provides MARCELINO with the perfect alibi and saves him from being expelled!

A terrible storm has torn off the top of the monastery bell tower. This provides just the opportunity for MARCELINO to renew his friendship with BRIN of ZINC, a young roofer who MARCELINO admires. Since MARCELINO insists he is old enough to take care of the “grown ups” chores, the MONKS decide to let him take care all of their tasks for one day. He is determined to impress the MONKS and sets off: sawing the wood, preparing lunch, washing the dishes… He is also hoping to win the respect of BRIN, who works extremely hard to earn enough to help his aged mother. She is in danger of being evicted by the cruel DEBT COLLECTOR. Thanks to MARCELINO’S diligent hard work, BRIN’S MOTHER
can repay her debt. As for the MONK’S lesson… The message has sunken in: MARCELINO is exhausted, and realizes that he is still a child.

Torrential rains flood the countryside. The DUKE of MUST curses the inclement weather which is likely to ruin his annual ball. At the monastery, the MONKS plug leaks in the roof
and do everything they can to minimize the rain’s damage. But the storm only gets worse and soon the river overflows, flooding the countryside. Accompanied by CANDELA, MARCELINO sets off to save OURO’s daughter MARINA, as well as the endangered
FOREST ANIMALS. The CHILDREN and SPARTACUS the rat embark on an improvised raft when a perilous current pulls them down into the underwater territory of the cruel GUTTAS. Thankfully, POULPON the octopus finds our friends and leads them back up to the surface where JONAS the sailor fishes them to safety. JONAS’ boat is transformed into a modern day Noah’s arch and the endangered FOREST ANIMALS are saved!

DON CRISTOBAL is passing through the region and decides to stop in to visit his friend the DUKE for a few days. But the visit soon becomes a nightmare for the DUKE, because DON CRISTOBAL is transporting an enormous PIG, a GIRAFFE and a GAZELLE to the zoo in Bilbao. The visiting animals take turns escaping and create panic among the FOREST ANIMALS. Matters go from bad to worse as the DUKE looses his patience and the POLICE SERGEANT is embarrassed during his annual inspection. But thanks to MARCELINO’S secret power of speaking to the animals, the mischievous visitors return to the DUKE’S castle. Things have only just settled down when the DUKE’S niece misbehaves, opening a TIGER’S cage and letting him escape. The chase begins! MARCELINO shows ingenuity and bravery, catches his new FRIEND and saves the village from a catastrophe!

MARCELINO dreams of having a bicycle just like his friend ROBERTO. Knowing that he’ll need to earn money to make his dream come true, he gets the MONKS permission to go to the DUKE OF MUST’s vineyard to get a job helping out with the harvest. He meets an irresponsible boy of his own age, PAULO, who teaches him how to steal from the DUKE.
The theft (several bottles of expensive wine) is soon discovered by the DUKE’s WINEMASTER. MARCELINO confesses and is given a last chance to prove himself by working even harder. PAOLO is fired, but he sneaks back to get his revenge on MARCELINO by getting him into trouble again. But, with the help of his friend
SPARTACUS the rat, MARCELINO emerges victorious, with enough money to buy a fabulous new bike, and a strong determination never to steal anything again.

One of the DUKE’S hunting dogs has rabies and he escapes from the castle’s kennels.
MARCELINO looses no time in informing the FOREST ANIMALS. But it’s already too late! The MAD DOG has bitten VELETO the stag. DON MATEO has used every last drop of his precious vaccine inoculating the hunting dogs so there is none left for VELETO.
MARCELINO rushes to the hospital to get some more life-saving medicine. MARCELINO and DON MATEO return to the forest just in time to save the dying STAG. The poor diseased DOG has become a great danger, he is delirious and dying. In a struggle with IVAN,
the courageous worth hog, the suffering dog falls to his death. The FOREST ANIMALS are safe and sound again!

MARCELINO doesn’t like the DUKE’S niece MARINA very much but he attends her birthday party anyway. MARCELINO, MARINA and her two COUSINS set off on a treasure hunt when they are trapped in a mysterious whirlpool and sucked down into the land of the
GUTTAS. Now, a new kind of treasure hunt begins, but this time it’s to save MARINA! The annoying GUTTAS have taken her prisoner. With the help of SPARTACUS the rat, RADAR the bat and POULPON the octopus, MARCELINO wins all of the devilish challenges that VOLANTON, the evil king of the GUTTAS, has in store for him. But the tricky KING still refuses to let the CHILDREN free. Happily LEO the dog guides CANDELA to the
CHILDREN and she saves them and the birthday party!

One starry evening, MARCELINO and his friend DON MATEO are perched atop the monastery searching the sky with a powerful telescope, when they spot a falling meteorite. DON MATEO calculates the meteorite’s trajectory and discovers it’s heading straight for the village and that it will hit the very next night! EVERYONE is told the news. The HUMANS and ANIMALS take refuge in the caves and pray that the meteorite falls elsewhere. Happily, their prayers are answered and the meteorite explodes before hitting the Earth. The next day’s chores at the castle, in the village and the monastery are filled with cleaning the meteorite dust which covers everything. MARCELINO is hard at work when he discovers a piece of meteorite rock, reminding him of a most frightening evening!

MARCELINO and GISELA are fast asleep and they each have terrible nightmares. MARCELINO dreams that his new friend the BABY CALF is in danger of dying. GISELA dreams that she is being chased away from the monastery. The next day, the MONKS arrive with a new MILK COW. She is the mother of the BABY CALF. GISELA thinks her nightmare is coming true. She is convinced that she is being replaced by the MILK COW and MAR decides she won’t go without a fight. GISELA tries everything to drive the unsuspecting COW crazy! MARCELINO realizes that the BABY CALF is actually a bull, who is destined to perish in the DUKE’S bull fighting ring. When the day of the bull fight arrives, MARCELINO enlists the help of THURSDAY the magician and together they substitute the grown BULL in the ring with his mother, the COW. The DUKE becomes a laughing stock, the BULL is saved and reunited with his MOTHER and GISELA becomes the COW’S best friend!

MARCELINO is fascinated by chemistry and begins concocting harmless experiments in the monastery cellar. DON MATEO takes MARCELINO to visit the laboratory of ROBERTO’S FATHER, who distils plant oils. But for the moment the FARMER is surrounded by a flock of birds, busy planting seeds in his fields. Trouble develops when the BIRDS start to attack the villagers. Neither DON MATEO nor MARCELINO understand the reason for the BIRD’S aggressiveness. Then MARCELINO discovers seed bags filled with sage, sitting next to the still. He realizes that these bags were also used by the farmer for his crop seeds. Could the birds have mistakenly eaten dangerous sage seeds? MARCELINO puts his new found powers of deduction to use and solves the mystery, scientifically!

The DUKE of MUST doesn’t agree with OURO the thief’s practice of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. He has made up his mind, “OURO must be put behind bars!” But first, the DUKE needs to find his hide out. Unsuspectingly, MARCELINO leads the DUKE’S MEN to OURO’S home and the BANDIT is taken prisoner. The MONKS and OURO’S daughter MARIA suspect MARCELINO of informing. Poor MARCELINO is heartbroken and it’s only made worse by the fact that he has a secret crush on MARIA. But the BOY of ONE THOUSAND MOONS won’t languor in his sadness for long! He alerts his friends the FOREST ANIMALS, puts on a clever disguise of Don Quixote and leads a heroic operation to recapture OURO during his transfer to prison, and set him free!

Today is Easter. MARCELINO and his friend JUAN PABLO are playing in the monastery courtyard when the famous adventurer, SYLVIA MORRIS, gives them an ostrich egg. But the charming gift which hatches in JUAN PABLO’S arms turns out to be a barrel of trouble.
The baby ostrich is named AMANDA and she is a real pea brain! She is driving JUAN PABLO and the ANIMALS crazy. Meanwhile, at school, MARCELINO brags that he can win the local horse race sitting atop AMANDA. The only problem is that AMANDA is too
stubborn and it’s impossible to train her. The solution is to trick her! Since she thinks JUAN PABLO is her mother, maybe he can get AMANDA around the track? With some clever thinking; MARCELINO races atop STOP the horse and JUAN PABLO tricks AMANDA into speeding past the finish line in first place! AMANDA is a proud ostrich and MARCELINO’S honor is saved!

There is a mystery at the monastery. At night, eggs are disappearing from the hen house and the garden is tilling itself! Poor BROTHER BIRD is mystified. Who could be doing his
chores after dark? It’s certainly not MARCELINO or one of the MONKS. MARCELINO suspects CASIO the wood cutter of trying to scare the MONKS by sneaking around in a werewolf costume. MARCELINO, CANDELA and the ANIMALS are determined to shed some light on these nightly goings on. They discover that CASIO is interested in one thing only, stealing the golden egg he thinks is in the hen house. He is not doing the other mysterious chores. It is BROTHER BIRD himself, sleep walking beneath a magic sheet, who is doing his own chores in his sleep!

MARCELINO saves a goose that has been wounded by the DUKE OF MUST on one of his hunts. In keeping with his famous generosity, MARCELINO brings the migrant BIRD to the monastery to heal. She seems nice at first, but INES never stops complaining, and what’s
more, she seems to expect everyone to wait on her hand and foot. The ANIMALS are divided about her: some think she’s sweet, and the rest think she’s a pain! Soon the monastery is divided into two camps, for or against INES, who seems delighted to be the
center of all of this attention. MARCELINO is a bit overwhelmed, and tries to keep everyone calm…Meanwhile the DUKE’S HUNTER is still chasing INES in order to serve her to the DUKE on a silver platter. Happily for everyone, INES is finally persuaded to rejoin her bird friends on their migratory journey.

While taking a little cruise with JONAS on his boat, MARCELINO learns the story of a young girl of about his age, named ATHALIA. She was lost at sea when the ship she was taking to meet her parents sank. She was rescued by CASIOPE, the king of the ocean, a big hearted giant squid who transforms her into a mermaid in order to save her life. Totally charmed, MARCELINO does everything in his power to reunite her with her parents and her former body. Even though he doesn’t believe this story of mermaids for one second, JONAS nonetheless proves very helpful when he finds the house where the girl’s parents live…

MARCELINO and his friends get into a scrape with some boys from a neighboring village, which turns into a matter of honor. At first, MARCELINO isn’t really implicated, but then he throws himself into the battle. The ANIMALS of the monastery and forest, who’ve been solicited to help, try to reason with the boys, but in vain. LEO keeps watch while the two gangs battle it out with dirt clods and acorns. Things almost get too serious when the battle ends up on the fields of the DUKE’s trap shooting area. Fortunately, no one gets hurt, and the CHILDREN, united through adversity, learn from the DUKE that it’s just as honorable to settle their differences on a football field.

MARCELINO is upset by an animal show he sees at a traveling fair. He decides to help his new friends create a more dignified show, where they can be more than just silly fair monsters. Under the admiring eyes of MARINA, he coaches them in a new number. Finally, the day of the big show arrives…and the surprise appearance of the animals from the monastery, who’ve grown jealous of all the time MARCELINO is spending with his new
“pet” project. The audience gives a thunderous ovation to all of the performers. With the money he earns, MARCELINO buys a merry go round from the DUKE OF MUST, which he offers to MARINA. But, she’s not interested in it at all, so he trades it for the fair animals and gives her those instead…

A FAKIR, as eccentric as he is nice, has decided to journey across the world on foot. He passes by the castle of the DUKE and meets MARCELINO. In order to prevent the DUKE’s car from running into a cow, (cows are sacred to his people) he explodes all of the DUKE’s tires with the power of his mind. The furious DUKE imprisons the FAKIR. While the FAKIR torments the poor SEARGENT at the jail, MARCELINO tries to find the FAKIR’s
rattlesnake, who is hiding somewhere in the castle. Terrorized, the DUKE sleeps outside in order to avoid a confrontation with the thing he fears most in the entire world. But, for the first time, MARCELINO’s gift of speaking to animals doesn’t help him at all. Because, as everybody but him knows, snakes are deaf…

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