The Odd Family

La famille Ouf

SERIES 26 x 26'

In each episode, the twins deal with situations in their daily life by spoofing movie heroes: Mission Impossible, Indiana Jones, Matrix, Shrek, Titanic, Ghostbusters, E.T, etc.
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Directed by

Xavier Picard


Timoon Animation

2004 / Original language: English or French / Color / stereo

An atypical family who live up to their name. When dealing with a problem that all families face, they can't help but try to solve it in the Odd way.
There's no way they're going to act like eveyone else. But honestly, they really try ! With them, daily life is an on going adventure.
Georges, the father, works on the engineering department of a car manufacturer. Linda, the mother, is a driving inspector in hopeless cases. Their twin boys Jules and Theo, follow right in their footsteps with their boundless curiosity and taste for adventure. Meanwhile, in his lab, shy Uncle Albert is busy inventing brilliant life-improving machines. And of course, there is Happy, the irresistible extra-terrestrial household "pet".


It’s the same story every morning: no one can ever seem to find their socks… or, at least two that match! The TWINS are made fun of by their friends, but soon they start a unique new style (wearing mismatched socks) and they start up the “New York
Sock Exchange” in the courtyard at school. Faced with an eternal existential dilemma that has long plagued the world (where do all of the missing socks go?) everybody tries to resolve the problem in their own way. Tired of all the confusion, LINDA asks
her brother ALBERT to make everybody identical grey socks. In the style of M:I-2, the TWINS sneak in and mess around with the machine’s settings and end up creating chameleon socks that change color to match whatever you put them next to!

The ODD family, who had been looking forward to exploring new horizons, is forced to spend their vacation at home. While GEORGE and LINDA try to figure out how to get away on a budget, NINA and the TWINS escape into their imaginations by playing Little Nemo. Meanwhile, UNCLE ALBERT struggles with a mysterious,
foamy material that he’s invented which seems to defy the laws of gravity. He doesn’t realize that he’s actually found the means to a perfect, dream vacation: a tour of the world without ever leaving the house…!

Someone has left the freezer door open all night long, which throws the ODD family into crisis mode: how will they prevent all of that food from spoiling? LINDA suggests that the TWINS cook up all of the perishable items. Meanwhile, NINA is having a special Girls Only pajama party. The TWINS would love to come, but NINA absolutely refuses to have them over. Then they hit on a great idea: they offer “room service” to NINA and her friends, who can order whatever they want to eat!
The first deliveries are not entirely successful. But, with the help of their mother and borrowing a few Matrix style tricks, they TWINS succeed and end up inviting the girls for dinner!

After stupidly losing a game, the TWINS are obligated to give up one of their toys to the winner: LIWAN. Unfortunately, he chooses HAPPY, who he thinks is just a stuffed animal. THEO and JULES are a bit stuck; because nobody knows that HAPPY is actually an extra-terrestrial. NINA wins back HAPPY at LIWAN’s but it’s too late, he has disappeared… Next is a chase throughout the city as they try to recover their beloved alien friend, who keeps getting passed from one person to another. Meanwhile, ALBERT, worried to death, creates a decoy designed to attract the little alien. But its whistling causes a lot of trouble, while proving totally inadequate as a means to finding HAPPY. The poor little extraterrestrial ends up tossed into the depths of the sewer system. Indiana Jones style, the TWINS, NINA
and rat XENON finally rescue HAPPY in the nick of time…

The fire station has burned down! The CAPTAIN and the SERGEANT have nowhere to live! Without asking their parents, THEO and JULES promise the firemen to let them live at the ODD house and to repair their truck. Meanwhile, NINA dreams of going to the huge Britney Spitz concert. In order to get her a ticket, THEO and JULES decide to earn some money by selling ice-cream with the aid of a tricycle put together by ALBERT. At the Odd household, the firemen have moved in and are getting in everyone’s way. Once the station house is cleaned up and their truck repaired by GEORGE, they can finally leave the Odds in peace. At the wheel in the new truck, the CAPTAIN can’t control it at all: the fire truck has gone crazy! On their tricycle, the twins manage to stop the truck, E.T style... To thank them, the FIREMEN invite them along on an important mission: providing security at the Britney Spitz concert!

The TWINS play a revolutionary new video game that doesn’t need a joystick. It takes them into the depths of the ocean and introduces them to various Monsters of the Deep. NUMBER ONE goes crazy and trashes the house. Neither their parents (prisoners of a helicopter-car) nor ALBERT (on a boat trip with lovely MISS SUZY) can come to aid of our heroes. In the style of Minority Report, the TWINS save the house by connecting NUMBER ONE to their underwater adventure game.

After having been fired by his Boss, GEORGE announces to the family that he has found another job, but that they will now have to move away… Bottom line: they have to sell the house! Devastated, the TWINS categorically refuse to leave: say
goodbye to their friends, to Nina...? No way! With ALBERT, HAPPY, NUMBY and XENON’S help, the brothers put on a show worthy of the scariest horror film to try and convince the visitors that the house is haunted… And it works! Soon everybody is fleeing the house, screaming their lungs out in terror. It’s a victory for the Twins, but things get complicated when Linda decides to call in a ghost hunter: which leads to fun and mayhem in the style of Ghostbusters.

THEO and JULES do some “Odd” dancing in their room. They are getting ready for a big hip-hop break dancing contest next Saturday. But even though JULES is really gifted at it, THEO isn’t at all. Unfortunately, JULES forgets to do his homework,
gets grilled by his teacher, and then gets detention on Saturday. It’s a catastrophe! Without him, their team will lose the dance contest! The TWINS take advantage of their resemblance to make a switch: THEO will do the detention while JULES goes in
his place to compete in the hip-hop contest, Saturday Night Fever style. Of course, their parents find out about the deception. Conclusion: THEO and JULES are both in detention the following Saturday...

THEO and JULES start up a new TV channel: Odd TV. The commercial they put out makes it sound exciting, but the boys soon realize that running a channel full of programming is a big job, especially during school finals! NINA decides to stop doing her successful program so that she can finish her studies and so the TWINS are forced to hold auditions to try and find a replacement for her show. The TWINS ride around in a luxury limousine with a chauffeur put at their disposal by George’s boss in return for some advertising. In the style of Bruce almighty, they film anything and everything, get to bed late, and end up doing very badly on the first part of the tests.
BENJAMIN loans them his notebook to help them study: but it turns out to be empty!
BENJAMIN has tricked them again! The TWINS take advantage of filming they had done during class to help them study. They do well on the test, and have just decided to give up their careers on TV for the moment when they get a big surprise: their parents are launching “LINDA TV” and “GEORGE TV”!

Poor NUMBER ONE is sick. Or actually, he’s sort of out of order. His batteries are dead and until the new ones get shipped, he can’t do any of his normal chores. So Uncle ALBERT introduces the ODD family to NUMBER TWO: a provisionary robot washing machine, far more powerful and efficient, but perhaps more fragile and clearly not as intelligent. During a battle with XENON the rat, his circuits get frazzled, and so NUMBER TWO begins terrorizing the whole town, washing everyone and everything that passes by. THEO and JULES transform NUMBER
ONE into a sort of Robocop and send him in pursuit of the dangerous NUMBER TWO in order to neutralize the threat.

A big go-kart competition is organized. The twins will be participating. But their new cart, entirely designed and built by the boys, with the help of their father, GEORGE, doesn’t look like it’s going to be ready in time for the race. It seems GEORGE, swamped with work at the factory, is unable to give them any of his time. This leads to drama in the household, as the twins feel abandoned and betrayed. The result is that the twins get badly beaten by BENJAMIN during the qualifying races.
Meanwhile, BENJAMIN (their sworn enemy) is bragging about his super new cart and hitting on NINA. But the ODD family does have certain resources and never admits defeat. The day of the final race, thanks to an ingenious computerized guidance system, GEORGE manages to get their motor running properly. Now on
equal terms with the other competitors, the twins win the race just like in the movie, Driven.

At NINA’S insistence, the TWINS reluctantly adopt a small CAT that she found in their mail box. Their PARENTS give them two days to prove that they are capable of caring for a cat. But the CAT did not just appear by accident. He came to get revenge on XENON. Just like in Shrek II, the CAT is adorable and the humans are all charmed by him. But once he gets down with the rats, he terrorizes them. The TWINS manage to stop the carnage just in time and give the cat to the teacher who has always wanted one.

All of the ODD family catches a strange, contagious flu. Meanwhile, LINDA has an important client (an airline pilot), GEORGE is giving a conference and the TWINS have their once a year field trip to Fantastik Park. The boys sneak out so they won’t have to miss out on the fun outing, but they give everyone their flu and end up causing their friends to miss the trip to Fantastik Park. To make it up to everyone, they enlist ALBERT’S help in recreating a holographic Jurassic Park, inviting all of
their friends to enjoy the virtual dinosaurs on their front lawn.

While LINDA is giving a driving lesson to the Baroness, the TWINS watch her BABY. At the factory, GEORGE is trying to invent a tire that will grip the road better using a formula that isn’t quite ready. The TWINS play a game on the internet with all of their friends from school. The goal: disguised as super heroes, they have to unmask as many of their opponents as possible. The BABY disappears with HAPPY and goes for an unscheduled flight through the neighborhood. Panicked, but always ready with a plan, the TWINS use George’s sticky new material to fly around like Spiderman and rescue HAPPY and the BABY before the driving lesson is finished.

Tired of being thought of as one person (“The Twins”), JULES and THEO try to emphasize their differences. This proves a problem for their parents, who are trying organize a birthday party for them. NUMBY goes in search of his origins and supports the TWINS in their search for separate identities. With the help of a rocket worthy of James Bond, the TWINS find him before he can leave the city. They realize that they can celebrate their differences and still appreciate being together, and they have the best birthday party ever.

NINA has to leave town and leaves her precious dog NIAK in the care of the TWINS. They decide to present him at the upcoming dog show. But the dog creates chaos in the family and XENON does everything he can to get rid of him. GEORGE invents a car that will wash itself, with unusual results… it washes the interior and not the exterior. It doesn’t matter, the invention now becomes a car that washes your dog. As in Look Who’s Talking, dogs see the world differently. NIAK wins the contest to NINA’S delight and beats BENJAMIN’S dog, to his angry dismay.

The TWINS and Uncle ALBERT have a competition to see who can make the best invention. The first experiments result in a power outage. ALBERT invents an automatic shopping cart and the TWINS invent a helicopter umbrella. The cart goes crazy, taking LINDA on a scary highway ride like the one in Speed. But with the help
of their invention, the TWINS manage to rescue her.

VICTOR, a cousin of the Twins, accompanies his mother, who has come to give a piano concert. The Odds need to pass themselves off as just another perfectly normal family: they need to get rid of the robots and other extra-terrestrials. VICTOR
challenges BENJAMIN to a skating contest and ends up trapped in a block of wet cement. His mother finds the robots and HAPPY. She decides to call the authorities. With the help of a small digital gadget like the one in Men In Black, the TWINS
erase their aunt’s memory just before the concert.

It’s time for class elections at school. NINA is a candidate as is THEO, who is supported by JULES. NINA has a lot of meetings and THEO organizes a trip to his dad’s car factory. During the visit, the robots rebel and take the teacher hostage. With the help of one of Albert’s inventions, JULES neutralizes the robots, like in Honey I Shrunk the Kids. To thank him, the kids elect him as their representative.

LINDA is sick. The rest of the family tries to get along without her. The TWINS miss out on a class field trip because no one signed their parental permission slip. ALBERT disguises himself as LINDA, like in Mrs. Doubtfire, and receives a drivingschool
inspector in her place. GEORGE saves the day by inventing an ingenious process for parking cars. The TWINS make a Hip Hop song that becomes a hit and become the stars of their class.

After yet another failed invention, ALBERT loses confidence in himself and decides to try and find a normal job: postman, mover, fireman… The TWINS realize that their Uncle is crazy about their teacher and that his relationship with her isn’t going anywhere. GEORGE creates a polite, talking car and organizes a barbecue for LINDA to celebrate their anniversary. Problems ensue: The TWINS invite the teacher, but then one of George’s co-workers horns in on her and takes all of the attention away from ALBERT. In the style of Dante’s Peak, the TWINS create an explosive extracredit homework assignment for the teacher: an erupting volcano which saves the day by allowing ALBERT to play the hero.

THEO wants to take a class in Tae-kwon-do. To help him pay for it, JULES organizes a garage sale. Watching an old film, they discover that MR. TCHI was a Tae-kwon-do champion. LINDA offers to give him driving lessons in exchange for tae-kwon-do lessons for THEO. Like in Karate Kid, THEO trains and wins a tournament in addition to his yellow belt.

23. E.T’ODD
A meteorite crashes nearby. In the style of Spy Kids, BENJAMIN takes advantage of this to start an inquiry into extra-terrestrials. He’s convinced that the Odd house is the flagship of an extra-terrestrial fleet. The TWINS are worried about HAPPY and try to convince him that NUMBY is an extra-terrestrial. Not fooled, BENJAMIN invites journalists to investigate the Odd home. The TWINS find the meteorite with HAPPY’S help and prove that there are no extra-terrestrials.

LINDA is sleeping in the guest room. GEORGE doesn’t attend to the twin’s concert.
Then LINDA leaves for a conference with a young unknown: the TWINS grow worried about their family. They decide to do whatever it takes to get their father to be more attentive. With the help of one of ALBERT’S inventions, abracadabra! The TWINS manage to reunite their parents and realize that everything is now okay in the family in the style of War of the Worlds.

It’s Halloween: BENJAMIN proposes a challenge to the TWINS: whoever collects the most gets to keep all the candy of the others. They take the bet. But because they are a bit tactless, the TWINS don’t manage to get much candy. Meanwhile, BENJAMIN reprograms NUMBY and ends up with a full sack. Like in Casper, with the help of HAPPY and a little flea car together by GEORGE, they frighten BENJAMIN and get him to admit defeat.

GEORGE invites his boss over for Christmas day. That morning, nothing is ready, as usual... ALBERT and GEORGE go out in search of a turkey and a tree. In the style of A Christmas story, the TWINS accidentally scare off SANTA’S reindeer. The TWINS suggest using HAPPY’S space ship to deliver the presents in time. The next day, the BOSS arrives with a Christmas turkey and right at the moment of the big family photo, the gigantic tree deploys out of a box with each member of the ODD family on one of its branches: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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