The Frog Show

Frog et Fou Furet

SERIES 78 x 8'
Action/Adventure / Animation / Cartoon

The Golden Age of cartoons is back!
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Directed by

Philippe Vidal (Becassine)


Ellipsanime, Agogo Frog Ltd, D'Ocon Film With the support of the Media Programme of the European Community

2004 / Original language: English & French / Color / Dolby Surround

The Golden Age of cartoons hops back onto the screen.
You loved those old Saturday morning classics. Now comes The FROG SHOW, a modern rendering of the Golden Age of cartoons. The FROG SHOW follows the zany adventures of Le Frog and Le Ferret, a most unusual travelling duo. Le Frog is a tasty amphibian drooled over by every predator around the pond. Including Le Ferret, a starving rodent who wants nothing more than to get his teeth into Le Frog himself. But all the other creatures vying for Le Frog's flavors regularly thwart Le Ferret's appetite. Consequently, Le Ferret spends all his time rescuing Le Frog from imminent digestion. The FROG SHOW is a slapstick series full of energy and humor. Its fast-moving and contemporary mini-fables feature appearances by well-known characters from literature and cinema.

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