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Clem, Teen Mom - Season 5

Clem - Saison 5

SERIES 5 x 96' in a series totalizing 20 episodes
Comedy / Romantic comedy


A moving and high-rated comedy about being a teen ... and a mom!

Directed by

Joyce Bunuel (Clem, Teen Mom, Salsa)


Victoria Abril (Sin Noticias de Dios, Kika, High Heels)
Laurent Gamelon (The Closet, The Valet, Diane Crime Fighter)
Lucie Lucas
Philippe Lellouche
Elodie Fontan (City Hunter, Serial (Bad) Weddings)


Merlin Productions

2014 / Original language: French / Color

What’s the key to keeping a relationship fresh after 25 years of marriage? As Caro and Jipe look for answers, fate lends a hand and offers them some unexpected possibilities. For Clem, the future looks bright with Jerome. There’s even talk of marriage and a little brother or sister for Valentin. But will Julien finally let Clem turn the page on their relationship? This new year is going to forever transform the Boissier family’s future – and prove yet again that nothing is more powerful than life.


EPISODE 16: Mom Says Stop!

Caro knows her relationship is on the rocks, but she couldn’t possibly imagine that Jipe is cheating on her again! The discovery puts her in a rage. It’s one infidelity too many. For the first time in her life, Caro considers divorce. But how can she tell her daughters, who love their father so much? Especially when Clem and Jerome announce they are getting married. The last thing she wants to do is tarnish their happiness, already destabilized by Julian’s jealousy and the way Jerome’s parents treat Clem.

EPISODE 17: How Do You Say Goodbye?

Newly divorced, Caro didn’t expect to meet Xavier so quickly. A divorced father, Xavier came into her life before she even knew it, but now she’s not sure she wants to jump right into a new love relationship. Does she even have the right to be happy, now that Clem, Valentin and the Brimonts have to face the unthinkable: Julien’s sudden disappearance on Christmas Eve? Devastated, Clem comes unhinged and tries to avoid the pain by keeping away from Alyzee, Hicham... and Jerome.

EPISODE 18: Come Home, Clem!

It takes commitment to create the happy new life that Caro has chosen by moving into a new house with Xavier, his 7-year-old daughter Anoushka, his 16-year-old son Dmitri and her own daughter Salome. But a shadow looms darkly over the newly-formed family: the absence of Clem, whom she misses terribly. Shattered by Julien’s death, Clem has left all her loved ones behind to live in a community shelter in the country with Valentin and try to piece herself back together. It’s an uphill battle for Caro to convince Clem to come back and keep Jerome, while weathering Salome’s full-blown adolescent crisis and trying to get her to accept her new partner and his children.

EPISODE 19: he Game’s Not Over Yet!

After a few months of “adjustments,” it’s nothing but harmony for Caro, Xavier and their new family. However, Xavier’s reaction when he finds out his son Dmitri has a boyfriend is a sign that he might not be as cool as he seems. And Caro, who defends Dmitri, immediately realizes she doesn’t like Xavier’s intolerance at all. What if sharing her life with him was a bit premature? What if she was wrong about the man she loves? Clem, looking for a new job, has to hide her pregnancy to get hired at a low cost salon, while Jerome, despite all his diplomas, can’t find any work at all. Soon to be a husband and father, Jerome doesn’t feel like he’s up to par.

EPISODE 20: Finally, My Daughter Is Getting Married!

The countdown starts: in one week, Clem and Jerome are getting married! Between Caro, who is feeling on edge, Marie France who wishes she could have organized the wedding for her little prince’s mother, and Jerome, who reveals to Clem the dark family secret that ravaged his childhood, it’s a topsy-turvy last few days – until the royal clash between Clem and her future in-laws! Caught in the tempest, Caro and Marie France pull together to salvage the most beautiful day in Clem’s life.


7.3 million viewers!

Season 5: Historical peak of 54% Market Share on woman 15-24 years old.
+ 1M viewers vs Season 4.

Top record on CATCH-UP TV with up to 1.3 million viewers.

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