The Lost Son

L'enfant perdu

Drama / War


Directed by

Christian Faure (The Poisoner, A Love to Hide)


Anny Duperey (A Wonderful Family)
Robin Renucci
Sylvie Simon


Mars International Productions

1997 / Original language: French / Color

1945: Pierre Neuville, who has spent the war years in a German POW camp, returns home with one thought in his mind: to find his son, who vanished during the German invasion of France in 1940. His investigations lead him to an orphanage where he meets André, a boy who could well be his missing boy. When Pierre runs into Rose, a childhood friend who has always loved him, he feels he can now rebuild a family. But chance suddenly brings him face-to-face with his true son, an overly sensitive youth with a strong attachment to his foster mother...

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