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Moulin is Back

Commissaire Moulin

SERIES 53 x 96'

The return of France's top cop: intuition, integrity, non conformism, tenacity, efficiency...

Directed by



Yves Rénier (Designated Killer, Moulin is back)
Clément Michu
Bernard Rosselli
Alice Béat
Natacha Amal (Ladies of the Law, Deep Secrets)


PM Films

2002 / Original language: French / Color

Now Chief of Police in charge of the legendary Criminal Investigations Department at the Quai des Orfèvres, Moulin hasn't changed: still the same mix of charm, intuition, non-conformism, integrity, tenacity, efficiency. But the world around him has changed: discontent in the police ranks, contempt of the new magistrature, rising pressures of public opinion and the media - things have not improved to make law enforcement an easier task. Still, Moulin is a cop formed in the old school. For him, it's just business as usual. Whether others like it or not.


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