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Hills End

Hills End

SERIES 6 x 26'


Directed by

Di Drew


Katharine Cullen
Emma Jane Fowler
Caitlin Procter
John Noble
Ryan Madge


TF1 Droits Audiovisuels

1988 / Original language: English / Color

An expedition to see some ancient aborigine wall paintings in the Hills End Caves. Surely better than a day at school for six young children ? Better perhaps had it not been for the hurricane and the flash-flooding that filled the caves in seconds and cut off their only means to escape. From then on, it is a struggle for survival against the hostile elements and their own mounting fear. After an epic struggle they manage to stagger back to their village only to find it has been devastated by the hurricane. What was supposed to be the end of their ordeal looks like just the beginning.

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