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Golden Pennies

Golden Pennies

SERIES 8 x 26'
Action/Adventure / Drama


Directed by

Oscar Whitbread


Carol Drinkwater
Bryan Marshall
Michaela Abay


Central Independant Television

1985 / Original language: English / Color / 1.33 / Mono

After serving an injust prison sentence in England, Luke Greenwood emigrates to Australia with his wife and two step-children, Jack and Lucy. They are robbed on arrival and have a tough time making ends meet in the hostile world of the gold prospectors. Illness, a collapsed mineshaft, kidnappings and coruption add to their miseries. Fortunately their friends, a Chinese expert in the martial arts, a French illusionist and his daughter and an aborigine boy use their various skills to help them through it all. Justice triumphs, Jack realises his step-father is not a coward after all and they make a lucky strike.

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